Advertising/Marketing Technology Providers

High-quality digital supply chain.
Increased client and partner retention.

Millions of ads violate digital policies daily. Let's make sure your code doesn't.

Elevate your company profile.

Sustain and enrich relationships with premium advertiser and publisher clients.

  • Identify partners who negatively impact revenue
  • Become a trusted partner to premium digital publishers
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Gain insight into your supply chain.

Increase visibility, trust, and transparency into the code traversing your complex digital ecosystem.

  • Ensure code meets your end customers’ requirements
  • Remediate violations with upstream partners with ease

Declare data tracking technologies.

Ensure your ad buys can run on as much demand as possible in the UK digital ecosystem by reporting your data tracking technologies. In collaboration with the UK Association for Online Publisher, the AOP Cookie Consortium:

  • Enables a one-time declaration of cookie data
  • Allows you to review and/or correct detected data trackers
  • Centralizes presentation of your information to all AOP publisher members

Three dimensions of digital risks. Checked.

By continuously monitoring all mobile app and website code – both first and third-party – we not only detect, but also accelerate the correction of critical security, quality, and data compliance errors.

  • Security

    Security Products

    We continuously scan and detect all malicious and suspicious activity and encryption breaks associated with the code and content traversing your digital ecosystem.


    Malware Prevention

    Minimize malware outbreaks through our Malware Prevention solution, designed to continuously identify and alert on all malicious and suspicious activity on your digital properties.


    Encryption Compliance

    Encryption breaks happen more often than you think. We keep encryption breaks at bay by scanning your owned code as well as third-party code to identify non-secure calls proliferating across your website.

  • Quality

    Quality Products

    From creative quality assurance--both pre and post campaign flight--to ad placement verification, our quality products evaluate the technical and visual elements to ensure they comply with your downstream and/or publishers’ policies and guidelines.


    Creative and Website Quality Assurance (QA)

    Our automated pre-flight and in-flight ad quality and website performance evaluation tool measures the entire digital experience to ensure your visitors enjoy a cleaner, smoother journey across ad tags, creatives, landing pages and other website content.

  • Data

    Data Products

    By holistically scanning all code passing through your digital ecosystem, we not only identify real-time violations of your downstream partners’ data policies and guidelines, but also help you demonstrate compliance with government regulations (GDPR, COPPA, and more) and industry standards (PCI DSS, TAG, IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, etc.).


    Data Compliance

    Our platform continuously monitors digital assets from a real user perspective, unlike tag and consent managers, which do not monitor all code rendering a consumer’s browser experience. With Data Compliance, you can comply with national and international regulations such as GDPR, COPPA, and HIPAA and adopt industry standards such as PCI DSS.



    Nothing less than continuous is sufficient for the digital world. Confidently demonstrate reasonable care through the only holistic solution that goes beyond static checklists. Our GDPR product identifies and tracks the activities of digital third-parties, evaluates compliance, and helps resolve violations.


Solutions for Ad/MarTech Providers

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