Ad/Revenue Operations Professionals

Protect consumers—
and your publisher brand

Give your audiences clean and safe user experiences that will keep them coming back

Shut down malicious code and unwanted ads

Ensure quality user experience across programmatic and direct ad buys.

  • Stop backdoors, phishing, digital scams, e-skimmers, and more from hitting your properties
  • Manage ads with sensitive, objectionable, or regulated content in real time
  • Block heavy ads slowing down load times
  • Halt competitors and unauthorized vendors from reaching your audiences

Boost monetization efforts

Boost inventory value by controlling the end-to-end advertising experience, from ad tags and creative to landing pages.

  • Ensure header bidding and unified auction environments only deliver ads in compliance with your policies
  • Replace blocked ads with benign creative to monetize impressions
  • Mitigate click fraud, bot traffic, data leakage, and unauthorized audience data collection
  • Comply with industry standards and regulations for:
    • Quality (IAB New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, Coalition for Better Ads, etc.)
    • Data privacy (GDPR, COPPA, HIPAA, and more)
    • Security (TAG Certified Against Malware, Payment Card Industry/ PCI DSS, etc.)

Satisfy regulatory requirements

Access a centralized database of validated data tracking technologies active in the UK digital ecosystem. In collaboration with the UK Association for Online Publishing, the AOP Cookie Consortium:

  • Identifies all data tracking technologies
  • Complies a list of all executing vendors
  • Provides the information you need to populate your Consent Management Platform (CMP) including:
    • cookie name
    • purpose
    • lifespan
    • classification
    • owner/vendor dropping the cookie

Three dimensions of digital risks, checked

Our programmatic monitoring solutions detect and accelerate the correction of crucial security, quality, and data compliance errors, by continuously monitoring all mobile app and website code – both first and third-party.


Security Products

Protect audiences from digital threats—including malware outbreaks as well as ad-delivered backdoors, phishing, and online scams—by leveraging The Media Trust’s massive Discovery Engine and unrivaled team of malware analysts.


Malware Prevention

Minimize malware outbreaks through our Malware Prevention solution, designed to continuously identify and alert on all malicious and suspicious activity on your digital properties.


Media Filter

Block malware, ads with sensitive or regulated content, heavy ads, and custom domains in real-time—while securing replacement ads to keep revenue flowing.


Quality Products

Our quality assurance solutions—pre-flight and in-flight—save time and money while ensuring campaigns meet technical standards; your specific policies and guidelines; and placement and other contract stipulations.


Ad Quality

Our automated pre-flight and in-flight ad quality solution optimizes workflows while saving the operations team from tedious, time-consuming tasks. Let us ensure your ad tags, creatives, landing pages, and vendors are up to spec.


Campaign Verification

We provide proof of digital ad placement with our flagship Media Verifier® service that automates line item and life-of-campaign verification management for advertising campaigns.


Data Products

By holistically scanning all code passing through your digital ecosystem, we not only identify real-time violations of your downstream partners’ data policies and guidelines, but also help you demonstrate compliance with government regulations (GDPR, COPPA, and more) and industry standards (PCI DSS, TAG, IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, etc.).


Data Compliance

Our platform continuously monitors digital assets from a real user perspective, unlike tag and consent managers, which do not monitor all code rendering a consumer’s browser experience. With Data Compliance, you can comply with national and international regulations such as GDPR, COPPA, and HIPAA and adopt industry standards such as PCI DSS.



Nothing less than continuous is sufficient for the digital world. Confidently demonstrate reasonable care through the only holistic solution that goes beyond static checklists. Our GDPR product identifies and tracks the activities of digital third-parties, evaluates compliance, and helps resolve violations.

Solutions for Ad/Revenue Operations