Digital Governance and Data Compliance

How do you protect consumer privacy and prevent data leakage?

74% of consumers concerned about online privacy

With increasing public awareness and a rapidly changing regulatory environment, unauthorized online data tracking can do more than annoy your mobile app and website visitors. Mismanaged digital data can also weaken monetization efforts and induce regulatory fines and penalties.

Arrest data leakage

  • Identify all data collection activity via your mobile app and website

  • Analyze and classify all executing code associated with your mobile apps and websites

  • Operationalize company-specific policies

  • Adopt and enforce stricter terms and conditions regarding data collection and use

  • Demonstrate compliance with your own data collection and leakage policies, industry best practices, and regulations such as COPPA, CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

  • Verify participation in IAB Global Vendor List.

How it works

We continuously monitor the end-to-end user experience to identify, alert on, and
resolve unauthorized data tracking activity. Our technology:

Uses 1000+ profile combinations based on device, browser, operating system, geo-locations, and behavioral indicators

Scans all code (1st and 3rd party) rendering content on a user device, including JPEG images, rich media (video and audio), native, and more

Monitors the digital landscape from 500+ geo locations around the world to thoroughly check of data leakage and policy violations