Ad Categorization

How do you identify sensitive creative before it violates partner policies?

Access to premium inventory is at stake

Advertisers are uploading creatives to your platform at scale, and you need an efficient and reliable way to identity ad content concerns that won’t disrupt operations. Your downstream partners are counting on you to flag objectionable creative and keep them informed of ads in highly regulated verticals like pharmaceutical and politics. Failing to do so can cost you business.

Harness the power of AI

The Media Trust’s Ad Categorization solutions leverage AI to quickly analyze massive amounts of ad creatives and recognize content that falls into sensitive categories. These categories—ranging from adult content to alcohol to pharmaceutical to weapons—have been developed alongside major AdTech platforms and are constantly calibrated for greater accuracy.

Verified by human eyes

Identifying sensitive creatives that fall into more than 30 categories of contentious subject matter, Ad Categorization for display uses human review to bolster the results of AI analysis. The result is robust classification of sensitive material that is more precise than advertiser self-declaration based on the IAB Content Taxonomy.

Analyze video creative with confidence

Video Ad Categorization offers rapid analysis of video creative content using AI-powered speech transcription, text and object identification, and logo recognition. AdTech companies set flexible policies around more than 15 categories of sensitive material and adjust tolerance thresholds via AI confidence controls. Large batches of creative are easily submitted through API, and policy violations can be reviewed and remediated with advertisers within The Media Trust’s intuitive interface.

Safeguard revenue through ad quality:

  • Categories cover every sensitive area from adult content and alcohol to medical and pharmaceutical to weapons and political
  • Drill down to focus on categories most important to your business, or assemble custom ones
  • Automate your creative review process and continuously monitor for policy compliance
  • Isolate ads in the UI for further review, escalation or reconsideration
  • Share policy violations with partners directly in the UI and offer benchmarks for improvement
  • Customize notifications through API or email, tracking issues in real time

How it works

To categorize high volumes of creative, The Media Trust leverages top-notch AI
to identify sensitive content in video ads.

AdTech platforms submit creative at scale through API


AI employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to decipher text within images as well as overall object identification

Clients are alerted when creatives exceed confidence levels set in category policy manager