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Marketplace quality drives revenue

To stay competitive in the hyper-competitive AdTech space, SSPs, DSPs, and exchanges must ensure the ads passing through their platforms are free from malware, meet technical specifications, and fulfill partner quality and content specifications.

Deliver digital trust and safety at scale

Via a massive global device infrastructure, The Media Trust empowers ad platforms to identify and shut down digital threats while complying with partner quality policies. In addition, keep track of third-party activity running through your pipes to ensure compliance with data regulations.

Ad Security & QualityAd CategorizationAd Governance
  • Scrutinize tags, creatives, clickthroughs, and landing pages for a wide variety of malware, including backdoors, phishing, auto-redirects, scams, e-skimming, and more.
  • Analyze ads for 60+ technical aspects including total file size, number of connections, CPU usage, and custom policies
  • Leverage AI to flag ad content in 40+ sensitive and regulated categories, including: adult, alcohol, crypto, gambling, marijuana (THC), pharmaceutical, tobacco, weapons, and more
  • Quickly analyze display, native, and video inventory
  • Develop custom categories
  • Monitor third-party activity throughout your platform
  • Ensure compliance with a wide scope of data regulations, including COPPA, GDPR, CPRA, PCI, and more
  • Authorize and prohibit specific domains, cookies, and other data trackers.

DTS AdTech

  • Expertise: Security powered by the most experienced malware desk in the industry
  • Infrastructure: 24/7/365 client-side scanning from 1,000+ device and user profiles in 500+ geos
  • UI: Intuitive interface enables straightforward analysis and action on violations
  • API: Ingest threat, quality, and compliance data directly into your proprietary systems
  • Remediation: Easily share threats and policy violations with partners directly in the platform
  • Efficiencies: Optimize workflows and save countless hours of menial labor

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