Mobile App Defense

Keep Bad Ads Out and Revenue Flowing In

Consumers around the world spend 5 hours a day on their phones, and 90% of that time is in apps. Developers big and small recognize advertising is a massive revenue opportunity, but the risks are high: bad actors take advantage of ecosystem fragmentation and vulnerabilities to assault mobile consumers with backdoors, phishing redirects, and other vicious malware. Inappropriate and offensive ad content encourages user uninstalls while competitors try to woo audiences away.

Mobile App Defense provides real-time protection against malvertising as well as problematic ad content, heavy ads that ruin user experience, and competitor ads. Easily integrate our first-class SDK, customize configurations to keep consumers engaged in-app, and replace blocked ads to maximize revenue.

Powered by real-time bad ad blocker Media Filter, Mobile App Defense empowers developers to shut down malware, offensive ad content, competitor ads and more.

Serious Digital Security

The Media Trust boasts the digital ecosystem’s largest and most experienced team of malware analysts hunting down bad actors day and night. These tireless digital warriors are continuously updating blocklists with the latest threats:

  • Backdoors
  • Phishing
  • Redirects
  • Scams
  • E-Skimmers
  • High-Risk Ad Platforms

Stop User Churn and Boost Monetization

  • AI-Powered Objectionable Ad Identification. Developers can block or notify on ads with content in 50+ sensitive and regulated categories
  • Replace Bad Ads. Keep the ad revenue coming in with customizable code that recalls demand partners.
  • All Formats Covered. Support for interstitials, display, native, video, and more.
  • Ban Competitors and Other Unwelcome Advertisers. Don’t let rival apps steal your audiences through flashy ads—quickly build custom blocklists to keep out unwanted advertisers.
  • Get Precise With Click-to-Block. Nix specific ads via Ad Sentry ad gallery
  • Set Up to Last. Our top-notch SDK is not only painless to integrate, but also always in step with the latest OS updates.

Learn More About Mobile App Defense

  • Expertise: ~20 years shutting down malware outbreaks and rooting out problematic ad content
  • Scale: Billions of malicious attacks stopped monthly
  • Expansive: 10,000+ unique device, browser, and user profiles analyzing digital content from 600+ geolocations globally
  • Precision: 99% accuracy in ad content recognition
  • Trusted: Solutions leveraged by largest publishers, adtech platforms, and mobile app developers in industry
  • Customer Support: 24/7/365 operational support plus a dedicated customer success manager

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