Keeping Consumers Safe Is Good For Business

We empower digital publishers, adtech platforms, app developers, commerce media, and advertisers to:

• protect consumers from digital threats and objectionable content

• deliver high-quality ads and user experience

respect privacy preferences and comply with regulations

• track and manage vendor activity across ad assets and digital properties

The threat of user churn sends shivers down app developers’ spines—and nothing scares consumers away from a mobile app like malware and offensive ads. With an easy-to-integrate SDK, Mobile App Defense keeps bad ads at bay and users safe—which means ad revenue keeps flowing in.


For nearly 20 years, The Media Trust has been hunting down digital threats and protecting consumers from malware and malvertising outbreaks. Leverage our unparalleled security expertise to keep digital audiences safe and secure your brand reputation.


The amount of contentious and regulated digital content grows by the day. Leverage AI to identify potentially problematic ad content quickly and at scale; block objectionable ads; and ensure user experience is free from latency and technical difficulties.


User our massive global infrastructure of devices and emulators to recreate real audience experiences. Verify that consumer privacy preferences are respected, while monitoring vendor data activity. Authorize and prohibit third parties on digital properties and specific assets, and create audit trails to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Trusted by the world’s most
recognized digital leaders

Major media companies, adtech platforms, mobile apps, commerce media operations and more rely on The Media Trust to safeguard the digital experiences of billions of consumers each hour, every day.

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