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From credit card theft and misinformation to overt malware and online scams, our digital safety platform protects your user experience so you can better monetize and govern your digital assets. It’s CONTINUOUS INSIGHT®.

Malware types affecting seniors

Online Risks for Senior Adults

It was a cruel summer for aging adults. More than 250 distinct malvertising threats exposed more than 15,000 U.S. seniors to malware in two short months. These threats caused actual harm–from device infection to financial theft–and should be avoided at all costs. What were these threats? 


Protecting your digital assets is vital. Defend your websites/mobile apps from bad actors looking to target your hard-won customers with ransomware, keystroke logging, cryptocurrency scams, redirects, and more. Enjoy continuous client-side protection provided by our platform’s unparalleled scale and unique consumer-based malware data.

Data Privacy

Emerging regulations and changing consumer sentiment makes it more important than ever to safeguard personal data. Unfortunately, CMPs and monthly cookie audits aren’t sufficient. Know who has access to consumer data via your website/apps and verify they comply with your policies.

Trusted Content

Delivering inappropriate content to your audience can devastate your brand. In fact, sensitive content like alcohol or nudity can draw multi-million dollar fines. Ensure your digital assets only serve suitable content based on geography, demographic, behavioral, and device characteristics.

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