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Use Digital Trust & Safety to Protect and Grow

Retailers, e-commerce businesses, travel networks, and food delivery and ride-sharing companies are expanding their on- and off-property digital advertising.  As the leading provider of digital trust & safety solutions in the commerce media space, The Media Trust ensures delivery of safe and high-quality ads while protecting against data leakage. 

Deliver Quality Experiences, Fend Off Competitors

Optimize quality assurance workflows to ensure ads align with brand policies and consumers stay free from harm. Safeguard your valuable consumer data by scrutinizing vendor activity and maintain compliance with data privacy and other regulations.

Ad AssuranceDigital GovernanceReal-Time DefenseCampaign Verification
  • Enforce proprietary brand policies on third-party ad content.
  • Automate quality assurance and check that ads meet 60+ standard technical specifications.
  • Ensure clickthroughs only head to authorized landing pages and not your competitors.
  • Audit vendors and stop prohibited ones from appearing on campaigns.
  • Continuous site and app monitoring to unearth unwanted vendors, data leakage, security breaches, and regulatory violations.
  • Classify vendors and track all activity on your digital properties while analyzing impact on consumer experience.
  • On-page/in-app script offers real-time security and ad quality management for programmatic channels.
  • Block malware and scams before they hit user screens, as well as heavy ads and custom lists (e.g., competitors).
  • Use creative gallery Ad Sentry to block specific unwanted ads.
  • Verify on-site/in-app ad campaign appearances and placements.
  • Use Live Verification when timing, geolocation, and other variables are critical for fulfillment.

Commerce Media Solutions

  • Industry Standard: ~20 years delivering digital trust & safety to the world’s largest publishers, AdTech, and commerce media companies
  • Infrastructure: Solutions powered by framework featuring thousands of devices in 550+ geos
  • API: Upload tags in bulk and import reporting data directly into your proprietary systems
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface enables straightforward analysis and rapid action
  • Customer Support: 24/7/365 access to tech team and specialists, plus a dedicated customer success manager
  • Comprehensive: Safeguard consumers’ entire digital journey.

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