Media Filter

Block bad ads and protect revenue in real time

Protect users and deliver high-quality ad experiences

As malvertising, scams, and controversial and offensive ad content proliferate across the digital media ecosystem, publishers need advanced controls to both shield audiences from malware attacks and ensure quality site experience. Media Filter, the market’s fastest and most comprehensive real-time ad quality tool, empowers publisher and platform Ad/Revenue Operations teams to block a wide range of malware, high-risk ad platforms, heavy ads, and ads with sensitive or objectionable content. All formats are covered: display, native, video, and more.

Precision blocking secures revenue

Unlike other “bad-ad blockers” with a blunt approach that nets too much benign creative, Media Filter is surgical in preventing unwanted ads from hitting your audiences. Malware blocklists—including scam and deceptive advertising—are 100% original-sourced and continuously updated by the tireless team of analysts on The Media Trust’s malware desk. Ad content in sensitive categories is verified by proprietary Ad Categorization technology that employs hybrid AI-human analysis for superior accuracy. In addition, you can block specific creatives that have appeared on your properties using the Ad Sentry creative gallery. Media Filter’s User-Reported Ads empowers your audiences (as well as executives/editorial teams) to tell you what specific ads they don’t want to see. 

Customize to fit your revenue strategy

Media Filter’s intuitive interface literally makes real-time ad quality as easy as flipping a switch. Turn on and off blocklists with one touch, and easily shift from notify to block. Upload custom domain lists such as competitors, then append and edit within the UI. Use The Media Trust’s default ad-replacement technology or enter your own custom replacement code. Configure ad-quality settings on a property-by-property or group basis. Integrate using our Prebid module, in the header, tag wrapping, and/or leverage our state-of-the-art SDK.

Let Media Filter be your enforcer.
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The ultimate real-time ad quality solution

  • 1st-party malware data set tracking backdoors, phishing, online scams, e-skimmers, and more.
  • 50+ Sensitive Categories based on AI analysis verified by human eyes 
  • High-Risk Ad Platforms evaluated by extensive team of experienced malware analysts
  • Easily turn on and off Malware, Sensitive Categories, and Experience blocklists, with toggles to switch between notify and block
  • Integrate via Prebid module, the header, creative wrapper, or SDK
  • Block specific unwanted ads with a single click in the Ad Sentry creative gallery
  • Client-specific blocking and/or notifying script parameters—i.e., competitors, poorly performing domains, etc.
  • Bespoke configurations by properties (sites and apps)
  • Add Redirect Deterrent sandboxing tool to freeze redirect code while monetizing impressions
  • Script executes in ∼75 milliseconds, adding no extra latency to page loads or affecting Core Web Vitals
  • Blocklists continually updated and optimized for performance and speed
  • Compatible with all major ad servers for on-page, creative wrapper, and SDK integrations