Media Filter

What if you could block bad ads and sensitive creative without sacrificing revenue?

Protect users and deliver high-quality ad experiences

As malvertising, scams, and controversial and offensive ad content proliferate across the digital media ecosystem, publishers need advanced controls to both shield audiences from malware attacks and ensure quality site experience. Media Filter, the market’s fastest and most comprehensive real-time ad quality tool, empowers publisher Ad/Revenue Operations teams to block a wide range of malware, high-risk ad platforms, heavy ads, and ads with sensitive or objectionable content.

Broad security spectrum

Media Filter offers publishers a variety of tools to fend off bad ads, in

protects users from bad ads through a variety security protocols, including the Malware list fueled by 

list cultivated by the Digital Security and Operations team, with 15+ years of hunting down highly evasive malware 

Conventional blockers can’t tell good stuff from bad. These shortcomings can cost you money. With Media Filter, you can grow your revenue by blocking malvertising and other elements that raise latency or degrade your site or app’s performance. Best of all, Media Filter is fully customizable–you can choose or create blocking criteria based on domain, url, wildcard, regex and more. No need to worry about overblocking OR underblocking. Even better, Media Filter consistently outperforms competing blockers in speed–typically within 50ms. Sounds too good to be true? Sign up for a free 45-day and see for yourself.

Promote ad quality, don't block it.

Creating a virtuous cycle of ad quality, Media Filter safeguards all of your impressions–not a sampling–from bad and unwanted activity. In addition to using the industry’s best, most precise malware data set derived from continuous monitoring of the world’s most heavily trafficked digital properties.

Tackle potential ad fraud by identifying poorly performing digital partners and communicating your digital requirements or policies using our industry-first Digital Vendor Network. The 1500+ strong network allows you to connect with partners and enable automatic violation notification to every upstream serving partner, not just ones known to you.

Industry-leading features to meet your changing needs

  • 1st party malware data set covering 20+ violation types, i.e., malware, redirects, popups, phishing, etc.
  • Sensitive Categories (informed)  AI analysis verified by human eyes 
  • Quality violations library, including IAB specs and offensive content, i.e., adult, drugs, weapons and more
  • Extensive reporting by individual or collective domains
  • 3 steps to set up and go: enter domain, select trigger, enter replacement ad
  • Simulator to see how code affects creative display
  • Ad callback/passback logic
  • Client-specific blocking and/or notifying script parameters, i.e., competitors, poorly performing domains, etc.
  • Block malicious domains/subdomains/hosts with accuracy
  • Supports creative wrappers, tag on page, or tag manager
  • Script executes in under 50 milliseconds, adding no extra latency to page loads
  • Block lists continually updated to ensure optimal performance and speed
  • Compatible with all major ad servers and both on-page and creative wrapper integrations available and 

How it works

Supported by our industry-leading, continuous monitoring of the digital advertising
ecosystem and 24/7/365 operations team, our Media Filter:

Analyzes all executing code during page load on a user device

Blocks or notifies on malware, sensitive ad content, or other policy-violating execution

If ad is blocked, demand source is recalled; custom