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We are on a mission to fix the internet.

At The Media Trust, we create better digital ecosystems where clients can govern assets, connect partners, and minimize digital risk. Our expertise helps control the dynamic nature of your websites and mobile apps.

Gain an unprecedented view into the digital ecosystem

Continued data breaches and malware infections plague everyday websites and mobile apps accessed by consumers like you. The Media Trust is on a mission to fix those problems. By making the digital ecosystem a healthier, more trustworthy place for businesses, governments and consumers, The Media Trust aims to protect users from malware and data misappropriation. A trustworthy World Wide Web will drive a safer, more enjoyable and profitable world for everyone. The Media Trust pioneered end-to-end real user experience monitoring by building Media ScannerTM and Media VerificationTM engines that are:


24/7 client-side scanning of 10M+ websites and mobile apps, and 30M+ ad tags every day


100+ device, operating system and browser combinations from 500+ global geolocations across 90+ countries


Integration available with multiple advertising platforms globally, including API with callback functionality


15 years functioning as a virtual SOC for the world’s largest websites—media, entertainment, ecommerce, social network, travel, etc.


1000+ distinct, cookie-based real-user behavior combinations driving content delivery via ads, websites, apps, search, video, native, etc.

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The Media Trust is spearheaded by inspired and seasoned professionals across the digital spectrum, from advertising and agencies to security and finance.

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