Discover and resolve threats in your mobile apps and websites.

Your digital presence is on our radar.

Choose either a stand-alone product or a more comprehensive package to control crucial–yet unmanaged–components of your websites and mobile apps. Everyone is afraid of everyone else’s website but their own. Don’t be that way.

The Media Trust’s SaaS platform addresses the three key elements underpinning your digital revenue strategy, user experience, and brand: Security, Quality, and Data. Yeah, that’s right, we provide CONTINUOUS INSIGHT® into your digital environment.



Security Products

We provide unparalleled expertise to rein in your digital risks. Our malware scanning exposes active web-based attacks, suspicious and anomalous code execution, and encryption breaks that can lead to cryptomining, ransomware, phishing, and other assaults on your website visitors and app users, including employees.


Malware Prevention

Minimize malware outbreaks through our Malware Prevention solution, designed to continuously identify and alert on all malicious and suspicious activity on your digital properties.


Encryption Compliance

Encryption breaks happen more often than you think. We keep encryptions breaks at bay by scanning your owned code as well as third-party code to identify non-secure calls proliferating across your website.


Malware Attack Data

Go beyond generic threat intel by leveraging our 99.95% accurate Malware Attack Data intel. Our feed is the only real-time malware attack data gathered by continuously monitoring premium whitelisted websites your employees frequently visit.


Quality Products

We deliver detailed ad quality evaluation results by scanning ad campaigns and websites using distinct, cookie-based, real-user behavior combinations. We measure for industry best practices including IAB’s New Standard Ad Unit portfolio and your company-specific creative specs.


Creative and Website Quality Assurance (QA)

Our automated pre-flight and in-flight ad quality and website performance evaluation tool measures the entire digital experience to ensure your visitors enjoy a cleaner, smoother journey across ad tags, creatives, landing pages and other website content.


Campaign Verification

We provide proof of digital ad placement with our flagship Media Verifier® service that automates line item and life-of-campaign verification management for advertising campaigns.


Ads.txt Manager for DSPs

More than an ads.txt file aggregator, our Ads.txt Manager continuously captures ads.txt files for historical lookup–critical for billing reconciliation.


Data Products

We identify and reduce the threat of data leakage and mitigate compliance risks, so your websites and mobile apps comply with global data privacy regulations and industry standards.


Data Compliance

Our platform continuously monitors digital assets from a real user perspective, unlike tag and consent managers, which do not monitor all code rendering a consumer’s browser experience. With Data Compliance, you can comply with national and international regulations such as GDPR, COPPA, and HIPAA and adopt industry standards such as PCI DSS.



We operationalize GDPR compliance for mobile apps and websites by continuously scanning digital properties and alerting you to the presence of unauthorized data collecting activity.

Digital Vendor Risk Management

Identify and control your enterprise’s risks from digital assets using a unified platform to support your security, data, and quality challenges as a whole.