Digital Vendor Risk Management

How do you control online third-party risks?

3X — average number of vendors you don’t know are executing in your digital environment

You can’t control what you don’t know. Think about it. Your business likely knows more about the cleaning crew or office technology suppliers than you know about the technology providers executing in your digital environment. Digital Vendor Risk Management (DVRM) is a centralized platform to identify, remediate, and govern risks across your mobile apps and websites. This is the only vendor risk management technology for the digital-first economy.

Get a grip on your digital risks:

  • Discover and Classify: Identify and analyze all code executing on websites and mobile apps
  • Communicate and Comply: Share digital asset guidelines and policy with your online vendors and measure their compliance
  • Resolve and Report: Block and remediate unauthorized activity and create an audit trail

Simplified digital risk management

Regain control over the three elements that impact consumer experience on your digital properties. From tackling web-based malware, to demonstrating GDPR compliance or evaluating a campaign’s creative quality, DVRM provides holistic digital risk management.



Regulatory Compliance: GDPR, COPPA, FERPA, HIPAA, and more

Industry Best Practices: PCI DSS, TAG, IAB Ad Unit Portfolio, and more

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Digital Vendor Risk Management

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