Go beyond data frameworks, tag and consent managers.

Stay compliant with our easy-to-use platform.

The Media Trust Ads.txt Manager for DSPs speeds up validating ad inventory for the growing number and versions of ads.txt files.

Compliance mechanism for digital assets

More than a policy list or cookie classification database, our GDPR solution continuously monitors your mobile apps and websites to identify all executing vendors and build a repository of authorized partners. Analysis of each partner’s domain exposes user-identifying actions. Real-time alerts notify you of partner-specific data privacy violations to facilitate quick correction without undermining your trusted partner relationships.

Avoid crippling penalties

The complex and dynamic nature of digital assets makes it easy to unknowingly run afoul of GDPR and be subject to numerous penalties, 4% annual turnover or €20M for each violation. With The Media Trust, you can go beyond generic tag and consent managers, checklists and data frameworks to create a digital asset governance program. Learn about what we’re doing to support Association for Online Publishers in the UK with the AOP Cookie Consortium.

Call the right shots

  • Automate detection of first and third-party data collection activity

  • Increase digital third-party vendor accountability

  • Centralize record keeping for first and third-party activities on your digital assets

  • Identify tracking technology such as cookies and pixels to HTML5 and device identifiers in order to be more proactive about consent management

  • Generate an audit trail to demonstrate reasonable care

How it works

We continuously monitor the end-to-end user experience to identify, alert on, and
resolve creative quality violations. Our quality assurance technology:

Uses 1000+ profile combinations based on device, browser, operating system, geo-locations, and behavioral indicators

Scans all code (1st and 3rd party) rendering content on a user device, including JPEG images, Flash, rich media (video and audio), native, and more

Alerts on and resolves creative violations directly with your upstream partners