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Political Ad Revenue Without the Risk

Ad exchanges, demand-side platforms, and supply-side platforms are eager to grab a slice of the $15.9 billion in political ad spend expected during the 2024 US election season. But the pitfalls of political advertising have deepened as acrimony has grown across US politics; passing objectionable political ads through the pipes can threaten downstream partner/publisher relationships and overall revenue.

DTS Political empowers you to maximize political ad revenue while earning the goodwill of downstream partners and end-consumers. Leverage AI and a supercharged policy engine to identify potentially problematic ads both pre-flight and while campaigns are running. With rapid analysis via Media Scanner’s massive infrastructure of actual devices and emulators, DTS Political enables adtech companies to take the risk and pain out of political advertising.

Scrutinize Political Ad Content Quickly and at Scale

  • Tried and True. The Media Trust has evolved its hybrid AI-human categorization engine to identify sensitive and inflammatory over numerous election cycles. Its objectionable ad identification is trusted by the largest adtech platforms and publishers
  • Easy Setup. Upload ad assets into The Media Trust’s UI, email tag packages via an alias, or optimize workflows with an API integration.
  • Speedy Service. Quick turnarounds enable you to swiftly weed out problematic ads, get good campaigns running, and rake in political ad revenue.
  • All Formats Covered. Support for display, native, audio, and video.
  • Streamline Communication. Use the DTS Platform to easily send issues with political ads to upstream partners, agencies, and advertisers
  • But Wait, There’s More! Ensure ad assets (tags, creatives, clickthroughs, and landing locations) are free from malware and meet standard technical requirements.
Identify Ads With Hot-Button Issues:Detect Political Ads with:
  • Abortion and Reproductive Rights
  • Second Amendment/Gun Safety
  • Immigration
  • LGBTQ+
  • General politics
  • Payment information omitted
  • Inflammatory messages and imagery
  • AI-manipulated content
  • Deepfakes

Learn More About DTS Political

  • Expertise: ~20 years analyzing digital content for security, content, and data risks
  • Scale: 6M+ unique creatives examined monthly
  • Expansive: 10,000+ unique device, browser, and user profiles analyzing digital content from 600+ geolocations globally
  • Precision: 99% accuracy in ad content recognition
  • Trusted: Solutions leveraged by largest publishers and adtech platforms in industry
  • Customer Support: 24/7/365 operational support plus a dedicated customer success manager

Start taking the risk—and pain—out of political ad revenue right now!

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