Creative Quality Assurance (QA)

What if poor website and mobile app
experiences reduce your revenues?

1 error is all it takes for your ad to be labeled “bad”

Badly formed ads delay campaign launches and are more likely to get blocked, hindering revenue growth and client retention. The Media Trust’s Creative Quality Assurance (QA) product automates ad quality evaluation for publishers, ad tech partners, and agencies.

Minimize customer complaints

  • Prevent unnecessary delays by preverifying creative campaigns from your upstream partners using our pre-flight scanning
  • Assure high quality campaigns through continuous in-flight scanning
  • Choose from an exhaustive menu of technical and creative specs for standard display and video ads
  • Meet industry standards like the IAB’s New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio
  • Gain a real-time, in-depth view of your ad issues
  • Upload bulk ad tags for quick, pre-flight evaluation
  • Access creative quality issues categorized by policy or spec, partner, or creative in order to take action

How it works

We continuously monitor the end-to-end user experience to identify, alert on, and
resolve anomalous activity. Our technology:

Using 1000+ profile combinations based on device, browser, operating system, geo-locations, and behavioral indicators

Scanning all code (1st and 3rd party) rendering content on a user device, including JPEG images, rich media (video and audio), native, and more

Alerts on and resolves creative violations directly with your upstream partners