AOP Cookie Consortium

Where do you get verified data tracker information to satisfy data protection regulations?

One-of-a-kind data tracker database for UK publishing ecosystem

Today’s dynamic digital environment involves dozens—sometimes hundreds–of ever-changing vendors and tracking technologies, making it hard to comply with data protection regulations. The Association for Online Publishing solved this challenge for their UK publisher members with the Cookie Consortium program, a unified vendor cookie pool to support member data protection compliance efforts.

Easy-to-use platform to declare data trackers

The Cookie Consortium program is a centralized digital vendor list and cookie pool to help UK Association for Online Publishing members better control the risks associated with upstream partners executing in their dynamic digital environments.

Not only does it facilitate communication of AOP standards through the digital ecosystem, but the Cookie Consortium also provides vendors with a streamlined process to formally declare data tracking information to publishers.

Review and Action AOP standards

Digital vendor participants can also review and acknowledge the AOP Protocol, a system of rules governing the use of data tracking technologies present in the UK digital ecosystem. Hosted in The Media Trust platform, the AOP Protocol is designed for use by media publishers when engaging vendors that deploy, or cause to be deployed, cookies, pixels, tags or similar technologies on a publisher’s digital assets. AOP uses this information to confirm a vendor’s overall status.



  • Transparency into user-tracking technology executing on their websites

  • Pre-approved list of cookie information used by your digital partners

  • Partner vetting resource to locate unknown activity to maintain compliance

  • Reference data for populating Consent Management Platform (CMP) to help users provide consent

Digital Vendors and/or Partners

  • One-time declaration of cookie data

  • Access as much demand as possible for campaigns

  • Participate in a no cost, up-to-date and centralized cookie pool to be referenced by all digital ecosystem participants

  • Signal support of publisher data compliance needs

  • Ensure inclusion on an approved vendor list accessed by premium UK publishers

Participate today!

Learn more about the Cookie Consortium program if you’re a UK publisher member or a digital partner. Supported by The Media Trust’s Digital Vendor Management platform, program participants gain insight and access to the broader global digital ecosystem.

How it works

Continuous scanning of AOP publisher member websites identifies all executing
vendors and their data tracking code. The platform:

Detects and classifies data tracking technologies

Requests vendor review, validation and/or input of data tracking code and acknowledgement of AOP Protocol

Presents cookie details and AOP vendor status for publisher use

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