Malware Attack Data

What if premium, whitelisted websites target and infect your endpoints?

67% web-based malware comes from compromised, legitimate sites

The consumer internet is the most exploited threat vector for malware delivery and your employees access it daily. Traditional security practices like using AVs, web filters, and allow/whitelists and block/blacklists are clearly falling short. The Media Trust’s Malware Attack Data provides the vital information required to shield your organization from threats hiding in malicious content rendering on mobile apps and websites regularly visited by your employees.

Not just threat intel, but attack intel

  • Augment your existing web filters, AVs, and firewalls with an attack feed that lets you block infections first and analyze them later
  • Access real-time, machine-learning and human-verified intelligence on active attacks
  • Gain intel sourced from the continuous monitoring of legitimate, premium websites accessed by your employees every day at work
  • Capitalize on a threat detection engine that never sleeps. Our proprietary scanning technology scours the consumer-internet, not the dark or deep web not typically accessed by the average internet users
  • Integrate Malware Attack Data with your existing SIEM/TIP, web filter, and other blocking solutions, or check out our partner integrations.

How it works

We continuously monitor the end-to-end user experience, in real-time, for mobile
apps and websites. Our scanning technology:

Using 1000+ profile combinations based on device, browser, operating system, geo-locations, and behavioral indicators

Scans and analyzes all code (1st and 3rd party) executing on the world’s most heavily trafficked websites and mobile apps, in real-time  

Detects and shares active threats propagating in the consumer-internet with your blocking appliance