ADTECH PARODY: I Will Monetize

ADTECH PARODY: I Will Monetize
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It’s the new publisher anthem for 2023! Swat away those bad ads and MONETIZE! 

At first I was alone—I was petrified
All these bad ads raining down on my site
I spent night thinking how my demands sources did me wrong
But I grew strong—when you finally came along

You sit on the page—right in the header
Swatting away those nasty ads that come from the bidders
Backdoors and phishing schemes, scams and porn ads
Don’t want your heavy creative making consumers all mad

Go now go—walk out the door
With Media Filter here you’re not welcome anymore
I’ve got revenue to make and I’ve locked in low take rates
I will monetize…
I will monetize!

Oh yes I—I will monetize
With Media Filter blocking  bad ads, my site is gonna thrive
I’ve got traffic in spades, there’s direct deals to be made
I will monetize…
I will monetize!

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