Webinar Replay: 8 Key Malvertising Trends for 2021

Webinar Replay: 8 Key Malvertising Trends for 2021
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Concise but insightful webinar took deep dive into scammer’s gameplan for 2021, including malicious clickbait, cloaking, and fingerprinting.

2020 was a banner year for bad ads. The Media Trust’s Media Filter ad blocker swatted away five times as much malicious creative as it did throughout 2019. At the same time, bad actors are switching up their tactics dramatically and employing new methods of obfuscation and evasion.

During an early February 2021 webinar, Product Marketing Lead Gavin Dunaway led Digital Security and Operations Director Pat Ciavolella and Head of Marketplace Innovation Cory Schnurr through the eight trends highlighted in The Media Trust’s recent report, The Changing Face of Malvertising. In less than 30 minutes, the two offered a wealth of insight—not to mention hard details—into topics ranging in diversity from cloaking, malicious clickbait, inflammatory creative, landing page compromise, and fingerprinting.

Key takeaways:

  • Malicious clickbait is the top malvertising method of the moment
  • Evasion tactics are evolving: longer (and more frequent) testing periods, cloaking, dynamic publisher lists for exclusion, fingerprinting
  • At-home users at high risk because their environments are less secure
  • Landing-page scanning is more imperative than ever as landing page compromises are consistently rising
  • Company policies needed for managing increase in inflammatory creative
  • Enhanced scanning (multiple geos and user profiles) detects obfuscated malvertising

Watch the full webinar below and download the report, The Changing Face of Malvertising.