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Digital Trends: Ad Quality Taxonomy
Quality Nov 11, 2020
Digital Trends - October 2020
Updated Content Taxonomy highlights the need to further develop and define a Creative Taxonomy that also supports publisher monetization
Digital Trends: Malware & Malvertising
Malware Oct 14, 2020
Digital Trends - September 2020
Malware on landing pages is on the rise, highlighting the need for comprehensive ad quality across the digital supply chain, from brands and agencies to adtech and publishers.
Digital Trends: Malware & Malvertising
malvertising Aug 12, 2020
Digital Trends - July 2020
Insight into large-scale malvertising attack affecting broad swath of publishers in the U.S., UK and Germany during July.
Digital Trends: Ad Quality
Quality Jul 21, 2020
Digital Trends - June 2020
Analysis of digital advertising content in the context of today's environment: pandemic, economy, social justice movements and U.S. elections.