The Media Trust's Media Scanner for Encryption Compliance automates the enforcement of HTTPS compliance across all website vendors

The Media Trust's Media Scanner for Encryption Compliance automates the enforcement of HTTPS compliance across all website vendors
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McLean, VA – The Media Trust, the global leader in monitoring and protecting the online and mobile advertising ecosystem, today announced the release of Media Scanner for Encryption Compliance, a new subscription-based service that ensures the client’s website and any third-party code interacting with the site is always 100% HTTPS compliant. This compliance is needed, because a majority of search engines now encrypt the data moving between their own servers, which not only prevents government agencies and others from monitoring internet traffic in the aggregate, but also forces website operators and marketers to change how they manage their sites.

By continuously monitoring and inspecting the third-party entities running on your site, The Media Trust’s Media Scanner for Encryption Compliance ensures each and every call to/from ad tags, third-party code and content and the site itself are always 100% encrypted. The solution also automates the process of enforcing and maintaining HTTPS compliance across your vendor base.

“While encrypting a single URL or ad tag isn’t difficult, it’s incredibly difficult to encrypt an entire website on a 24/7, non-stop basis, because most of the third-party code used to render the site lacks encryption, which means non-secure calls can easily proliferate across the URL,” Chris Olson, The Media Trust’s co-founder and CEO said. “Given that websites, ad tags and third-party content and code are highly dynamic, automating the continuous inspection of all calls is the only way to ensure true HTTPS compliance.”

An easy-to-use, subscription-based service, Media Scanner for Encryption Compliance works by executing a browser experience from a secure HTTPS domain, which displays the exact same content a visitor’s browser experiences when the site serves the page. Unlike its competitors, The Media Trust has a local presence in more than 500 cities located around the globe so it can successfully emulate all user targeting, including behavioral, demographic and geographic.

Media Scanner records a ‘fail’ if any URL requesting call or responding call with the browser is not executed via HTTPS. Upon detecting a ‘fail,’ The Media Scanner’s robust alerting and report engine immediately notifies the client, providing details on the offending URL, tag or content, the call’s pathway and the vendors involved. The service also provides reports on all site, tag or content activity, which can be sent daily, weekly or any client-defined frequency and distribution.

Media Scanner scans and analyzes all iFrame content and rich media creative. When there’s multiple iFrames, Media Scanner can still detect and inspect each level’s content, because the system’s architecture was designed to execute iFrame code from within the iFrame itself for both ad tag and web page scanning. Media Scanner also enables various automations – including clicks, keystrokes and mouse-overs – for any creative or content requiring user interaction.

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