The industry’s smartest malware blocker is now even better at safeguarding revenue

The industry’s smartest malware blocker is now even better at safeguarding revenue
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Media Filter 2.0 enables digital publishers to better protect the user experience from a wider array of quality and security threats


McLean, VA, December 18, 2019—The Media Trust has launched a major upgrade to Media Filter, the digital publishing industry’s smartest, fastest, and most flexible blocking solution. Media Filter 2.0 helps publishers shield readers from malvertising, redirects and other ad quality issues to ensure a more rewarding user experience across websites and mobile apps.

The Media Trust upgraded Media Filter with new code from the ground up. The new version pushes blocking technology to its limits by offering a range of features that far exceed those of competing blockers:

  • Speed: Analyzes all ads on a page within 50 milliseconds and with no impact on Google PageSpeed.
  • Malware data: Uses the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data set earned from continuous, client-side scanning of the broader digital ecosystem.
  • Depth: Protects all ads, including SafeFrame ads to infinite depth, from unwanted redirects with new Ad Protection Layer and Forensic Code Analysis. 
  • Flexibility: Works with any ad tech platform, supports custom blocking criteria and provides option for violation notification in addition to automatic blocking. 
  • Insight: Discovers security and quality policy violations in real time and quickly remediates them via attribution to your direct partners and their upstream supply chain.
  • In-app support: Provides an iOS SDK to developers integrating blocking capabilities into their in-app environments.
  • Enhanced reporting: Communicates partner-specific activity by property, time period, formats and data sets including impressions, actions, partners, line item ID, creative ID, query ID and affected url.

“We developed Media Filter 2.0 by working closely with clients and their digital supply chain partners on addressing emerging issues that would otherwise derail their revenue strategy” said Niles Rowland, Vice President of Product Management at The Media Trust. “Pressures from all directions are forcing players across the supply chain to update their process and tools to protect the user experience. The capability to work with direct and indirect partners on ensuring success on all fronts—security and quality—is key to future-proofing their business. When clients’ evolving and future needs dictated a new approach, we didn’t shy away from making dramatic changes.” To date, The Media Trust has invested more than $9M  in Media Filter and has safeguarded more than 100 billion impressions this year.

More than 20 high-profile publications tested Media Filter 2.0 before its release. Compared with competing solutions, Media Filter 2.0 consistently outperformed generating no impact on Google PageSpeed, letting users choose what to block, and thwarting more and newer malware outbreaks without over blocking. Striking the right balance between speed and accuracy helped clients solve issues without sacrificing revenue. 


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