The Media Trust Joins Forces with PubNative to Combat Bad Ads

The Media Trust Joins Forces with PubNative to Combat Bad Ads
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Identifying and controlling digital risk is integral to ad-supported business models

July 6, 2018 — The Media Trust, a leading provider of real-time digital vendor risk management (DVRM) solutions, today announced its partnership with PubNative, a leading mobile monetization solution provider. The new partnership combines The Media Trust’s expertise in addressing the three most common digital risks—security, quality, and performance—and PubNative’s in-house vetting technology to create a safer digital ecosystem.

Malvertising costs the digital ad industry roughly $8.2 billion every year. The costs affect every industry participant: Media publishers that draw 80% of their revenues from ads lose users to disruptive or malicious ads and ad blockers; advertising/marketing technology companies lose access to media publishers; and brands suffer tarnished images due to the presence of malicious ads propagating in their environments. Providing a rich yet safe user experience is key to improving these companies’ top- and bottom line.

“At PubNative we have always taken a user-first approach to the ad experience we deliver so we are excited to partner with The Media Trust as another layer of defense on top of our internal efforts,” said Shreyansh Tewari, Head of Yield and Business Intelligence at PubNative. “As we grow our in-app header bidding solution and connect to new demand every day, we are committed to solving this issue and to continue our efforts to build the cleanest exchange, with a number of planned initiatives rolling out over the course of the next quarters.”

“The entire display advertising ecosystem is facing mounting challenges related to ever more sophisticated cybercriminals who are using programmatic advertising to spread their malware on the one hand, and a growing number of regulations like the GPRD, ePrivacy, and Canada’s upcoming PIPEDA that restrict what information businesses can collect, process an share about web users on the other,” says Matt O’Neill, The Media Trust General Manager, Euorpe. “We are very excited to be working with innovative technology companies like PubNative to support their efforts to provide a safer, more user-friendly digital experience for publishers and end users. Organizations should invest in the right tools to ensure their own and their third parties’ compliance, and, like PubNative, to prove to be responsible, good neighbors in this increasingly complex landscape. I look forward to working with them as our latest technology partner in Europe.”

The Media Trust delivers 24/7 protection against malware secretly embedded in ad tags through its Media Scanner® platform, the most efficient and widely used scanning engine in the industry. By continuously scanning ad tags, creative elements and landing pages in real-time, companies gain comprehensive, granular visibility and control of the ads traversing their complex digital ecosystems and how they render the consumer experience.

By joining forces with The Media Trust, PubNative also join’s the company’s Digital Vendor Network, a unique group that comprises 300+ industry-leading digital vendors that collaborate with their up- and downstream partners on streamlining communication and quickly addressing security issues. Together, they create a healthier, more transparent, and more connected digital advertising environment.

About The Media Trust

The Media Trust is fixing the internet by creating better digital ecosystems to govern assets, connect partners and enable digital risk management. Established in 2005, The Media Trust leverages a physical presence in 65 countries and 500 cities to detect and remediate security, privacy, ad quality and performance violations executing on websites and mobile apps. More than 600 media publishers, ad tech providers, agencies, retailers and enterprises—including 40 of comScore’s AdFocus Top 50 websites—rely on The Media Trust to protect their digital environment, their revenue and, most importantly, their brand.