Digital Risk in the COVID-19 Age

Digital Risk in the COVID-19 Age
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Grocery stores are limiting purchases. Brands and social platforms are taking down millions of ads related to opportunistic sales. Social platforms are attempting to identify and remove sensitive and inflammatory content. Authorities are investigating and prosecuting disconcerting activity to exploit the desperate misfortune of others. However, not much is being done about the digital ecosystem despite well-publicized policies prohibiting profiteering off of sensitive, headline-grabbing events.

As a way to help the broader digital ecosystem avoid being manipulated to cause more harm, The Media Trust will now offer free access to our digital vendor risk management portal until July 1.


Insight into your digital risk

Digital Vendor Risk Management (DVRM) is a centralized platform that provides real-time visibility and insight into non-compliant activity and threats operating in your website and mobile app environments. These dashboards provide a way for you to:

  • declare your legitimate intentions
  • view entities operating in your websites
  • track places where your code is executing

Company Profile

As a brand or publisher offering high-value content or a technology provider serving these businesses, you can promote a healthier, more connected digital ecosystem by participating in a trusted network of the world’s leading digital vendors. All you need to do is answer basic information about your company.

This first-party data profile serves as an official record of your commitment to maintaining the health of the ecosystem. And, it also serves as a primary resource to get background information on a vendor (known or unknown to you) executing in your environment.

Company Ecosystem

The Digital Vendors section of DVRM displays all vendors detected on your website and/or ad tags. Considering anywhere from 50% to 90% of code rendering the user experience is from third-party partners, the number of vendors executing code on your website is typically much higher than you expect. This DVRM data provides insight into your digital operation and can help you pinpoint unwanted vendors. In fact, don’t be surprised to find competitors in your digital environment, multiple instances of tag managers, or vendors from hostile nations. They’re all looking to take advantage of your hard-earned marketing efforts to bring consumers to your website.

Company Footprint

Within the Vendor Management section, the Company Footprint displays websites where your business’ digital code is executing, i.e., marketing or advertising campaigns. This data has proven super useful to AdTech vendors looking to develop more direct relationships with premium publishers. Even more, DVRM clients will request to connect with you; this connection allows communication and/or sharing of violation information between you and the other entity. 

Discover where your code runs and get transparency into your partner relationships. Register for free access to DVRM.


P.S. Looking to initiate conversations with vendors, share policies, evaluate vendor impact, and access insights including cookies, number of calls, download size and load time per vendor? Ask.