Case Study: Adobe Ad Cloud’s Mission to Protect Consumers

Case Study: Adobe Ad Cloud’s Mission to Protect Consumers
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Malware scanning and creative categorization empower Adobe Advertising Cloud’s goal to deliver only safe ad experiences to consumers

One of the largest demand-side platforms (DSPs) in the digital advertising space, Adobe Advertising Cloud strives not only to provide superior service for its advertiser clients, but also be a resource publishers and consumers can trust for safe and high-quality ad experiences. That’s why the DSP uses The Media Trust’s Holistic Ad Quality suite to deter malicious code outbreaks, remediate technical hurdles, and identify challenges with delicate ad subject matter.

Through The Media Trust’s continuous malware scanning on all advertising passing through its platform, Advertising Cloud has been able to greatly reduce the bad actors trying to leverage its pipes while also avoiding major malware outbreaks. The DSP also employs The Media Trust’s homegrown Ad Categorization system, which leverages AI to evaluate creative at scale against more than 30 categories of sensitive subject matter. This has been vital in building policies around sensitive ad content and meeting the acceptable creative policies of downstream partners, as well as navigating content around fluctuating topics such as Covid-related advertising.


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