Chief Digital Officer/E-Commerce Owner

Protect your customer journey.
Safeguard your bottom line.

75% e-commerce site code is from third-party vendors. Let’s make sure they don’t steal your revenue.

Safeguard the customer journey.

Ensure your carefully tailored site experience isn’t interrupted.

  • Close the gaps missed by scans from behind the firewall through constant, real-time threat intelligence
  • Prevent cyber criminals from leveraging vulnerabilities to steal information on your customers
  • Eliminate unnecessary domain and cookie calls that increase chances for attacks.
  • Monitor for new and changed code so that the customer experience is continually under protection

Leverage digital insights

Get ahead of the digital security curve, and ahead of the competition.

  • Discover all the vendors that are in your digital ecosystem
  • Identify unauthorized data tracking activity
  • Make regulatory compliance, such as GDPR and CCPA, easy
  • Ensure you have proper agreements in place and remove bad actors or competitors
  • Pinpoint vendors that violate your policies
  • Gain powerful business intelligence through our discovery engine

Maximize revenue

Achieve true revenue potential with a high performing website.

  • Identify code that can cause distractions and disrupt the user experience
  • Enforce compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements
  • Communicate and resolve violations with third-party code vendors
  • Benchmark performance against your competitive set

Revenue Products

At The Media Trust, we know digital security. We know what code is affecting your revenue and reputation. Our tools pinpoint issues that can affect your valuable customers and the bottom line.


Customer Hijack Prevention

Protect revenue by preventing bad actors from taking over your customer journey. We identify advanced threads to make sure that the digital experience isn’t disturbed.


Digital Insights

When your reputation and revenue are at stake, the right digital insights are critical. We use our proprietary intelligence tools to gain powerful security intelligence.


Performance Integrity

In order to maximize revenue potential, make sure your digital properties aren’t weighed down by third-party code. We identify code that affects site performance and resolve violations with digital vendors.

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