The Media Trust’s investment in technology that blocks malicious and low-quality ads will reach $8.3M

The Media Trust’s investment in technology that blocks malicious and low-quality ads will reach $8.3M
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Investment accelerates adoption by leading online publishers and e-commerce sites.

The Media Trust shares the success of a $2.8M investment in Media Filter, and, given the product’s rapid growth, commitment to infuse another $5.5M to be spent entirely on technology and R&D. The company selected Media Filter’s technology when it proved to be the market’s fastest, most accurate, and most comprehensive ad and javascript blocker. Within 10 months since its launch, Media Filters has been adopted by more than 30 publishers to preserve revenue while stopping malvertising and other unauthorized code from plaguing their digital assets.

Media Filter is a forensic malware blocking solution designed for media clients that operate ad-supported online publications, e-commerce websites, and mobile apps. Unlike conventional malware blocking solutions that have flooded the market with unmet promises, Media Filter’s left-of-breach approach lets clients identify and stave off known and unknown threats, such as malvertising, brand unsafe ads, low quality website redirects, and unwanted javascript.

Media Filter meets the demands of clients and industry for revenue improvement, speed, security, and immediate communication with supply chain partners. Most important, the technology behind Media Filter helps The Media Trust fulfill its mission to fix the internet. 

“Our approach to selecting, investing in, and building Media Filter was unique,” The Media Trust CEO Chris Olson said. “Rather than immediately jump on a solution, we worked with clients to ensure we delivered one that would fulfill our clients’ key requirements and prepare them for future increasingly sophisticated attacks. While other blocking solutions have not only failed to provide adequate defenses, they have also created new problems like latency and overblocking (i.e., blocking legitimate ads), which significantly reduce publishers’ revenue.” 

Key publishers have switched over from competing malware blockers because of Media Filter’s speed, thoroughness, and flexibility. When tested for speed against competitors, Media Filter outstrips them by a factor of two. In addition, Media Filter lets clients adjust blocking rules to meet their changing security and creative quality requirements. Even more important, Media Filter relies on original source/first-party data surfaced from continuous scanning of 30M ad tags and 10M+ websites and mobile apps each day in close to 100 countries around the world. The malware data underlying Media Filter has continued to grow since its inception 14 years ago. Each year, The Media Trust discovers 1M+ new malware vectors through continuous scanning and behavioral analysis, and funnels the attack data into Media Filter every seven seconds or less. This virtuous circle assures clients that their digital assets, regardless of location, are safe from today’s increasingly sophisticated, elusive, and persistent threats.