Ukrainian Consumers Targeted with 5X Increase in Digital Malware Attacks

Ukrainian Consumers Targeted with 5X Increase in Digital Malware Attacks
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Client-side monitoring of commonplace websites and mobile apps verifies dramatic rise in malware exposure experienced by Ukrainian consumers                           


McLean, VA, May 10, 2022—The Media Trust, the preeminent leader in digital trust and safety for websites and mobile apps, confirms Ukrainian consumers are being targeted with malware. For at least 2 months prior to the physical military incursion, consumers experienced a 2X increase in malware which has continued to climb to 5X increase in digital malware attacks by the end of April.

Client-side monitoring reveals a significant change in targeted digital content and advertising affecting consumers based in Ukraine. [Figure] In the course of typical online use—accessing ecommerce, media, entertainment—consumers are increasingly exposed to credential collection tactics. Each incident can affect thousands of consumers.

Ukraine Consumer Targets

Figure: Distinct malware events targeting consumers in Ukraine jumped 5X. Note, each event affects thousands of consumer devices.

These attacks directly impact the digital and personal safety of consumers, including those affiliated with the military, government, and infrastructure sectors. The national security implications of unabated malware delivery are profound. Once a device is penetrated, malware collects information—device details, contacts, links to other systems—that will be used in future attacks.

“Most of today’s digital problems can be traced to a poorly-managed environment. On average, 90% of the digital consumer experience is not known or controlled, thereby enabling distribution and propagation of malware.” reveals Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust. “Collectively, everyone needs to take responsibility for how their websites and mobile apps can harm consumers. Only then can we establish digital trust and safety for consumers around the world.“

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