The Media Trust launches an industry-first digital vendor network to enhance GDPR compliance for enterprise digital ecosystems

The Media Trust launches an industry-first digital vendor network to enhance GDPR compliance for enterprise digital ecosystems
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A one-of- a-kind network of 100 + industry-leading digital vendors fuels a specialized platform to operationalize client-specific data policies, continuously evaluate digital vendor GDPR compliance, and actively remediate violating behavior executing on enterprise websites and mobile apps

September 13, 2017 ‒ McLean, VA ‒ The Media Trust announces the availability of their SaaS-based Digital Vendor Risk Management (DVRM) service, automating website and mobile app compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which extends data protection rights to consumers’ online behavior, forcing enterprises to manage the tracking activities executing in their digital environments. More than a risk management framework or consent manager, DVRM continuously inspects website data trackers in real time and resolves non-compliant activity, thereby accelerating violation remediation, strengthening partner collaboration and demonstrating ongoing GDPR compliance.

“Considering up to 75% of code executing on websites is provided by third-party vendors, current solutions—tag managers, web application security, consent managers, etc.—provide insufficient insight into the actual code rendering on a consumer’s browser. How can you control what you don’t see?” says Chris Olson, CEO and co-founder of The Media Trust. “GDPR’s impending arrival means it’s no longer feasible for IT, risk, security and ad/website operations teams to have an incomplete picture of their digital ecosystem.”

Fueled by its ever-expanding, centralized vendor network, the service constantly monitors all website code execution; maps it to regulations (GDPR) as well as internal IT, risk and legal policies; and, actively resolves non-compliant data tracking activity. Several enterprises and media publishers, including Auto Trader UK and Hearst Magazines Digital Media, are evaluating DVRM and its ability to better control “digital shadow IT” and minimize exposure to risks associated with unknown third-party code executing on their digital assets. Furthermore, more than 100 industry-leading digital vendors, including OpenX, actively participate in the program, which helps dramatically compress the resolution process.

“At Auto Trader, we believe the new data protection legislation is a strong move towards creating greater transparency and trust, concepts we champion. In addition to an in-house risk and compliance team, we also work with partners to ensure that we are fully prepared for GDPR,” stated Lara Izlan, Director of Commercial Platforms & Operations at Auto Trader UK. “The Media Trust’s DVRM solution will provide greater visibility across our digital data assets, and tools we can use to better manage digital vendor activity.”

Once GDPR goes into force on May 25, 2018, enterprises, as data controllers, must detect and justify the presence of all third-party data tracking elements—including cookies, pixels and other data-capturing code that identifies consumers and/or their devices—to ensure the data collected is permitted according to GDPR’s mandate. Inability to detect and block non-compliant data trackers operating on digital assets, will expose enterprises to substantial fines and reputational damage. Combining and enhancing The Media Trust’s Website Governance and Data Compliance solutions, DVRM supports GDPR compliance by providing real-time visibility and insight into non-compliant activity and web-based threats occurring on enterprise websites and mobile apps.

“Serving as a comprehensive GDPR compliance mechanism, DVRM not only identifies digital vendors and evaluates their adoption of an enterprise’s digital policy, but also resolves non-compliant activity. Terminating violations at the source is critical to enhancing the overall health of the global digital ecosystem,” added Chris Olson.

DVRM’s proprietary scanning engine scans more than 30 million sources of third-party code and millions of websites each day, providing an unprecedented view of the online and mobile ecosystems and an in- depth understanding and knowledge of the third-party partners used to deliver today’s digital experience. Delivering COPPA compliance support for more than 10 years, it examines each domain in an enterprise’s website-to- browser call chain, immediately detecting, alerting on and resolving any non- compliant cookies, pixels and other data collection technologies. DVRM provides enterprises with:

  • Actionable information on each data collection element accessing the website visitor’s browser: type, function, expiration date, vendor name responsible for the tracking element, description and contact information
  • Resolution of policy-violating behavior directly with the responsible vendor
  • A platform to communicate and operationalize an enterprise’s digital asset policy and evaluate vendor compliance
  • An online repository of all authorized third- and fourth-party data collection vendors and their approved scope of activity
  • Reporting capabilities to generate an audit trail and demonstrate an enterprise’s compliance


“At OpenX, we believe the future of digital advertising will be defined by those who truly embrace a transparent, high quality and collaborative approach to the market. We’re committed to working with partners like The Media Trust who share this deep commitment to providing publishers with the tools they need to increase visibility and control over their inventory,” says John Murphy, head of marketplace quality at OpenX. “Together we are advancing a clear agenda of trust and transparency for the industry that is fundamental to the future of digital advertising.”

About the Media Trust

The Media Trust is fixing the internet by creating better digital ecosystems to govern assets, connect partners and enable digital risk management. Established in 2005, The Media Trust leverages a physical presence in 65 countries and 500 cities to detect and remediate security, privacy, ad quality and performance violations executing on websites and mobile apps. More than 600 media publishers, ad tech providers, agencies, retailers and enterprises—including 40 of comScore’s AdFocus Top 50 websites—rely on The Media Trust to protect their digital environment, their revenue and, most importantly, their brand.