The Media Trust announces Media Scanner now supports the real-time detection and alerting of fraudulent mobile and video-based ads

The Media Trust announces Media Scanner now supports the real-time detection and alerting of fraudulent mobile and video-based ads
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Media Scanner’s proprietary ad tag scanning technology provides 100% compliance with consumer protection laws by protecting online and mobile publishers, ad networks, exchanges, DSPs, SSPs and ad agencies from inadvertently serving fraudulent ads

McLean, VA – The Media Trust, the global leader in monitoring and protecting the online and mobile advertising ecosystem, today announced that Media Scanner, the company’s proprietary ad tag and SDK scanning service, can now detect and alert on all deceptive mobile and video-based ads, augmenting the service’s long-standing ability to identify such ads in the online environment. This new functionality enables online and mobile publishers, ad networks, exchanges, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) and ad agencies to achieve 100% compliance with all state and federal consumer protection laws pertaining to the publication of fraudulent or misleading ads. The service protects consumers from seeing deceptive ads across all media types and the predominance of consumer tablet, phone, gaming, and smart-television devices.

Media Scanner is a subscription-based service that provides 24/7, real-time scanning of websites, mobile apps and ad tags as they are executed through the online or mobile advertising value chain. Each day, the Media Scanner service continuously scans more than 25,000 websites and 10 million ad tags from more than 500 major cities located across the globe. The Media Trust’s significant global infrastructure and sizable client base provide the Company with an exceptionally broad yet also detailed view of the online and mobile ecosystems.

“The significant growth in fraudulent ads across the digital ecosystem has caught the attention of the FTC and several state attorneys general, who have started cracking down on these advertisers as well as the publishers serving these bogus ads,” said Chris Olson, The Media Trust’s CEO and co-founder. “Given this increased attention, it’s critical the ecosystem step up its quality assurance measures. Continuous, 24/7 scanning of ads tags is the only way to ensure the detection and removal of such ads and remain 100% compliant with state and federal regulations.”

Media Scanner leverages its proprietary scanning technology to continuously inspect and analyze every ad tag and creative, automatically checking each ad tag and the content it serves are 100% compliant with the organization’s own technical and creative well as all state and federal consumer protection regulations. Media Scanner constantly scans, inspects and analyzes tags pre-launch and then in flight. Real-time alerting and already established APIs, which integrate with hundreds of ad servers, networks and exchanges, enable fast and reliable resolution to policy violations.

For technical specification enforcement, the Media Scanner service provides more than 25 different technical metrics for assessing and evaluating an ad’s technical aspects, including audio utilization, pop ups, CPU usage, file size and load time. For visual quality policy enforcement, the Media Scanner service provides four major categories of metrics – advertiser, industry, creative characteristics and landing page – with each providing dozens of sub metrics.

About The Media Trust
With a physical presence in 500 global cities, The Media Trust’s proprietary website and ad tag scanning technology provides continuous, non-stop protection against malware, site performance issues and data leakage, which can lead to lost revenue and privacy violations. The Company also provides comprehensive quality assurance checks of an ad campaign’s technical and creative components, supporting display, rich-media, video, search and mobile advertising. In addition, The Media Trust’s technology provides publishers with visual ad verification for geographically-targeted campaigns, ensuring thousands of media buys are executed correctly, reducing discrepancies, errors and make-good scenarios in-flight.

More than 400 publishers, ad networks, exchanges, agencies and enterprises – including 39 of com-Score’s AdFocus Top 50 websites – rely on The Media Trust’s suite of continuous, non-stop monitoring, detecting and alerting services to protect their website, their revenue and their brand.