Keeping Consumers Safe From Russian Disinformation

Keeping Consumers Safe From Russian Disinformation
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Identify and manage state-aligned ad campaigns as well as the presence of government-affiliated enterprises.

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, disinformation is spreading throughout media like wildfire: doctored videos, false claims of chemical weapons development, and all-out lies regarding reporting on various assaults.

Just like with malware, digital advertising channels are ample for widespread dissemination of disinformation. More than ever, publishers, AdTech platforms, and enterprises around the world are determined to keep consumers safe from disinformation and malware emanating from the Russian state. As a proponent for consumer digital trust and safety, The Media Trust is here to help.

A massive global infrastructure of devices empowers The Media Trust to identify and track advertisers, AdTech platforms, and other entities aligned with the Russian state across Internet and app environments. We can then employ this data in multiple solutions, including our Ad Quality, Security, Creative Blocking, and Vendor Management solutions.

Clients of The Media Trust are already using our solutions to:

  • Stop ads from state-aligned advertisers from appearing on websites and apps
  • Flag ads from suspected Russian government entities for additional scrutiny
  • Identify ads with Russian and Ukraine-related content for further review
  • Detect the presence of actors affiliated with the Russian government in ad tags and landing pages
  • Identify and prohibit the presence of state-aligned companies on digital properties

To learn more about The Media Trust’s capabilities in shutting down disinformation and keeping consumers safe, please email us here.