ATS London 2018

ATS London 2018
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We’re looking forward to re-connecting with our existing clients and meeting new ones at ExchangeWire’s annual event. Make sure you meet the entire team:

  • Chris Olson, CEO
  • Matt O’Neill, General Manager, Europe
  • Steve Stupp, CRO
  • Alex Calic, Chief Business Officer
  • Will King, Commercial Director, UK

Session: Cleaning up the Supply Chain, 12:30pm

The Media Trust’s Matt O’Neill is supporting a session about the digital advertising supply chain. Panelists will discuss:

  • Has the trend for increased consolidation helped to clean up the supply chain
  • How do brands and publishers manage the supply chain
  • Should brands own the supply chain?
  • How can blockchain help?
  • Would this help brands reduce waste and increase value?

Schedule some time?

To make sure you get one-on-one time with The Media Trust team, drop us at line at and we’ll schedule a time and place to meet up. Schedule Meeting.