Ad Quality gets the upper hand on COVID-19 Scams

Ad Quality gets the upper hand on COVID-19 Scams
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Identify and block Coronavirus scams from your digital ecosystem

Nothing like a good crisis to bring out the worst in people. In addition to stockpiling supplies and creating price-gouging schemes, The Media Trust is detecting a 16% increase in misleading ads and paid content to spread misinformation over the past few days. 

Scam ads aren’t in the eye of the beholder

It’s difficult to police digital advertising, when billions of ads are served every minute to individuals accessing content from around the world via different devices and behavioral profiles. The challenge is defining what is a scam or bad ad (or downright malicious), and then using defined characteristics to identify and terminate violations from the digital ecosystem.

How to stop COVID-19 ads

If you want to block scams or avoid the stigma of COVID-19 or Coronavirus altogether, The Media Trust has ready-to-go options for our Ad Tech and Publisher clients. 

Ad Quality – Sensitive category for Ad Tech

Our Ad Tech clients already have access to our Creative QA feature, which highlights violations of client-directed policies according to violations of technical characteristics. These policies cover a range of technical attributes—file size, load time, popups, in-banner video detection, and more—and reports the violations by tag, partner and policy.

There is also a categorization feature that allows clients to flag ads according to sensitive categories. This feature allows the scanning of your ads (image and tags) for dozens of trigger images and keyword strings, and then labels the ad as violating the Coronavirus policy.

Ad Quality screen
The Media Trust platform: How to set up detection of Coronavirus ads

Available under the “Creative by Category” section, clients can choose to be alerted to any ad that traverses their digital ecosystem associated with Coronavirus. 

Media Filter – Custom block for Publishers

Taking it to the next level, our platform also scans the landing pages for each ad and analyzes these pages according to our proprietary malware classification taxonomy. If the domain is found to deliver false or misleading claims regarding products or services related to Coronavirus it will be labeled accordingly. This classification makes it easy to add to Media Filter (via a custom block list) so a publisher can block it from serving. Know of additional domains you want to block? Go ahead and share it with us and we’ll get it setup in Media Filter for you. 

Need help? Ask. The scams and malicious activities will continue to increase over the next few months. The Media Trust is an essential partner for mitigating these threats to your digital operations. Reach out to your Client Success Manager or email us for assistance in enabling these features.