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We are on a mission to fix the internet.

At The Media Trust, we create better digital ecosystems where clients can govern assets, connect partners, and minimize digital risk. Our expertise helps control the dynamic nature of your websites and mobile apps.

Gain an unprecedented view into the digital ecosystem

Continued data breaches and malware infections plague everyday websites and mobile apps accessed by consumers like you. The Media Trust is on a mission to fix those problems. By making the digital ecosystem a healthier, more trustworthy place for businesses, governments and consumers, The Media Trust aims to protect users from malware and data misappropriation. A trustworthy World Wide Web will drive a safer, more enjoyable and profitable world for everyone. The Media Trust pioneered end-to-end real user experience monitoring by building Media ScannerTM and Media VerificationTM engines that are:



24/7 client-side scanning of 10M+ websites and mobile apps, and 30M+ ad tags every day



100+ device, operating system and browser combinations from 500+ global geolocations across 90+ countries

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Integration available with multiple advertising platforms globally, including API with callback functionality



15 years functioning as a virtual SOC for the world’s largest websites—media, entertainment, ecommerce, social network, travel, etc.



1000+ distinct, cookie-based real-user behavior combinations driving content delivery via ads, websites, apps, search, video, native, etc.

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  • Our clients and industry partners are amazing.
    So is their attention to digital risk management.

Hear What our Clients Have to Say

"Campaign Verification services are the 'gold standard' when it comes to proving campaign delivery to our advertising clients."

comScore Top 50 Media Publisher|SVP Advertising Technology

"Mobile redirects are a real issue for our readers. Media Filter is able to proactively block these and other types of malicious ads. The visibility into what’s being blocked is outstanding. I can see how many incidents were detected, how many impressions were blocked, and where the impressions originated. As a publisher, we have peace of mind knowing that this technology is working on our behalf."  

Rob Schwertley
The Seattle Times|Manager, Yield & Advertising Systems

"The Media Trust platform allows us to be at the forefront of data protection regulation and to take a proactive role to ensure that we only work with providers who comply with the GDPR rules."

Vaughan Belhamine
Scout24|Vice President Product

"We rely on The Media Trust to ensure a safe and secure advertising experience for our publisher clients. The Media Trust’s portfolio of highly-effective governance solutions continue to remain unrivaled across the digital space. We couldn’t be more proud to be a long-time partner of The Media Trust and its talented team!"

Stefanie Honoré Acosta
Triad Retail Media|VP Media Operations & Strategy

"The Media Trust's API integration provides us a hands-free approach when it comes to identifying any security issues propagating in our ecosystem."

Mike Tarpey
Underdog Media|COO
"Our customers have seen great success in this integration and we look forward to providing organizations across all industries with the new level of security that this combined solution offers."
Steven A. Rogers
Centripetal Networks|Founder and CEO
"We're committed to working with partners like The Media Trust who share a deep commitment to provide publishers with the tools they need to increase visibility and control over their inventory. Together we are advancing a clear agenda of trust and transparency for the industry that is fundamental to the future of digital advertising."
John Murphy

"We rely on The Media Trust’s real-time detection of ad tags with hidden redirecting code--a million-dollar malware find."

Media Publisher|Ad Operations
"Media Scanner extends and strengthens our security posture by providing real-time visibility, control and information sharing on the ad tags served to our site, enabling robust, 24/7 protection of the consumer’s browsing experience."
Media Publisher [Anonymous]
"The pervasive nature of malvertising requires Information Security teams to extend their protection beyond the firewall to where the consumer’s browser interacts with the third-party code rendering the site."
Media Publisher [Anonymous]
"If every publisher used this service, not only would the health of their own website improve dramatically, but also the health of the entire online and mobile advertising ecosystem."
Media Publisher [Anonymous]
VP, Ad Operations
"A simple and cost-effective solution to a seemingly endless threat vector."
Media Publisher [Anonymous]
VP, Ad Operations

"We’re thrilled to be an early adopter of this cooperative, intra-industry approach to malvertising remediation."

Media Publisher [Anonymous]
Director, Technology Security Team
"The reductions generated by Media Scanner exceed our expectations."
Media Publisher [Anonymous]
Director, Technology Security Team

"Working with The Media Trust, we realized that immediately sharing threat intelligence with the ad networks and exchanges was the most effective way to further compress cycle times."

Media Publisher [Anonymous]
Director, Technology Security Team

"The improvements we gained from Media Scanner was significant, and the ROI realized quickly exceeded our expectations."

Media Publisher [Anonymous]
Director, Technology Security Team

Executive Leadership Team

The Media Trust is spearheaded by inspired and seasoned professionals across the digital spectrum, from advertising and agencies to security and finance.

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