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5 Things We Know About Magecart/Credit Card Skimming Attacks

  1. Hard to detect: They affect both first party and third-party code. These attacks employ sophisticated obfuscation techniques to evade most malicious blocking solutions, making their detection challenging. In several high-profile breaches, Magecart was active on the site for up to 5 months before being detected.
  2. Continuously evolving threat: They continue to evolve in sophistication and reach. And like ever evolving malware, Magecart code continues to evolve to evade web application firewall detection, CSPs and on-page blocking.
  3. Expensive to remediate: They are costly to address. When you add up the regulatory fines, lost revenue, drop in stock price/shareholder value, digital forensics and breach management costs, personnel changes, and other costs, a Magecart breach can cost a company $150 million and more.
  4. Harmful to your business: They damage your brand, your reputation and your financial health. Beyond the headlines and the loss of customer confidence, Magecart breaches are a violation of your trusted relationship with your customers. They are a violation of YOU.
  5. Preventable: Magecart breaches are preventable.

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