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Malware Attack Data

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Considering 67% of web-based malware comes from compromised, legitimate websites, it’s clear the consumer internet is the most exploited threat vector. Malvertising, malware delivered via compromised digital advertisements, is a distinct and continuously evolving threat to every ad-supported website, from name brand media sites to small, local news. If you can’t stop users from reading the news, how do you protect their everyday website use?

The Media Trust’s Malware Attack Data delivers granular intelligence about specific, compromised third-party domains used in the serving of digital advertising and web-based content. This one-of-a-kind attack data is what you need to differentiate your platform.

Need proof? Check out a sample of our unique data:

  • 100% original source, not compiled from outdated public lists
  • Detects active propagating malware 2-5 days before others
  • Pinpoints the exact offending url, not the entire domain
  • Custom format: operates via multiple industry standards, including STIX/TAXII and formats like TPX, JSON and CSV

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