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Today’s websites are plagued with vulnerabilities, many of which can be attributed to unmanaged code. From unnecessary tech debt weighing down the site to surreptitiously injected malicious JavaScript, digital vendors are the weak link in digital security, exposing enterprises to customer hijacking, regulatory fines, slow performance, and revenue loss. 

In the Digital Risk Management in 2021: A Cross-Industry Examination of Residual Risk in Enterprise Websites, The Media Trust analyzed dozens of websites from 8 key consumer-oriented industries to demonstrate how ubiquitous unmanaged third-party domains are and steps to mitigate their ability to drive fraud, malware, and disinformation.

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Sounds like you’re concerned about your organization’s ability to effectively safeguard the digital user experience from hijacking, redirects, unnecessary latency, and unauthorized tracking. You’re not alone. Go ahead and check out what leading hospitality, media, restaurant, and retail organizations have recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive solution for addressing residual digital.