The Media Trust Cements Malware Certification for Record Fourth Year in a Row

The Media Trust Cements Malware Certification for Record Fourth Year in a Row
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Standing out as the only vendor solution to continuously earn the Certified Against Malware Program seal, The Media Trust ensures its clients adhere to industry best practices for removing malware from the digital advertising ecosystem. 


McLean, VA, March 12, 2020—The Media Trust, the preeminent leader in digital risk management for websites and mobile apps, today announced it has earned recertification for Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Certified Against Malware program for the fourth consecutive year. Since its inception in 2017, this TAG certification program produces guidelines to help eliminate malware from the digital ad supply chain. TAG’s Anti-Malware Working Group consists of senior executives from more than 50 key players in the digital advertising ecosystem, including The Media Trust, who frequently meet to develop these malware scanning guidelines.

Malvertising continues to challenge media publishers in both the United States and abroad, more than doubling in the past two years as organizations adopt ineffective tools to secure their digital advertising supply chains. The TAG certification calls on organizations to continuously scan ad tags, creative and landing pages from multiple user profiles. Among additional criteria, the program requires documentation of digital partners.

”TAG is thrilled The Media Trust continues to maintain their Certified Against Malware seal,” said TAG CEO Mike Zaneis. “As the first vendor to achieve the certification, The Media Trust exemplifies the spirit of what TAG wants to accomplish by providing the guidance and expertise necessary to tackle the malvertising problem.”

The Media Trust supports TAG’s efforts, and program participation means our publisher, Supply Side Platform (SSP), ad network/exchange and Demand Side Platform (DSP) clients are already compliant. A key component of our Digital Vendor Risk Management and Media Scanner malware solutions is the ability to identify a client’s digital advertising supply chain partners, assess the relevance of each party to meeting revenue goals, and then evaluate compliance with client-specific policy including TAG.

“Our mission at The Media Trust is to fix the internet,” commented Chris Olson. “We celebrate the TAG certification as it looks at the holistic ad package, not just the creative or tags. With 15 years’ experience monitoring the digital advertising ecosystem, The Media Trust aggressively protects our clients from mobile redirects, malicious landing pages, phishing activity and more. The Certified Against Malware Program symbolizes a step forward in helping media publishers and their upstream partners identify, block and resolve ad-delivered malware so that it is removed from the ecosystem.”

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