You could be losing 1 in 4 customers because of code you can’t see.

There’s a hidden issue plaguing more than 90% of e-commerce websites, causing shopping cart abandonment, customer journey theft, and revenue damage. It’s third-party code: the analytics, templates, ads, videos, online chat, plugins, CRM management, and shopping cart tech that wasn’t created by your in-house team. It adds functionality or content, but it can cause major problems. Your site visitors and mobile app users get up to 95% third-party code, which could include:

  • Redirects and ads that hijack your customer experience.
  • Heavy JavaScript that slows down the performance of your site
  • Cookies that leak data on your customers
  • Malware that puts the security of your users at risk
  • Calls to third-party domains that increase abandonment rates

Read the article, How Tech Powering your CX Might be Dragging Revenue, to discover eight questions every e-commerce leader should ask themselves in order to protect revenue and the customer experience.

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