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U.S. Media Publishers Industry Index

Metrics derived from continuous monitoring of U.S. media publisher environments. This information is updated every 30 days.

CompanyVendorsDomainsNew Domains (%)Third-party Code (%)High-risk (%)Total CookiesCookies over 12 Months (%)Longest Cookie LifespanAverage Latency(Sec)Average JavaScript Download Size(MBs)
Endemic 129951811%95%7%57449%7,985 yrs7.521.21
Endemic 244284317%96%6%1,62738%7,985 yrs9.341.80
Endemic 33666638%93%5%1,28139%7,985 yrs10.691.23
News 132756517%94%4%1.05831%7,985 yrs8.423.21
News 235060225%94%5%1,07838%3,287 yrs7.161.05
News 35851,34627%96%6%3,15927%7,985 yrs10.810.37
News 435398725%92%6%1,41646%7,985 yrs4.800.88
News 55201,04116%93%5%2,94630%7,985 yrs8.272.31
News 639973717%95%5%1,54139%7,985 yrs5.641.13
News 73621,03311%67%6%85327%7,985 yrs1.321.38
News 843577011%91%5%1,56039%7,985 yrs8.971.99

Key Learnings:

Ad-supported websites are a multi-billion dollar business, enabling free access to a significant amount of media content. Programmatic and real-time bidding help publishers monetize their content, but they also introduce a host of issues from malware and redirects to creative and regulatory violations. On average, the U.S. Media sector experienced:

  • 91% executing code is from third-party vendors
  • 6% of domains trigger a warning, the highest in the benchmark
  • 7,985 years is the longest cookie lifespan, present on every site in this vertical
  • 7.54 seconds average aggregate page load, 36% improvement compared to March
  • 1.51 avg JavaScript download size has experienced little change in the past 6 months
  • 1,554 average amount of cookies dropped on user devices 

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