Digital Risks, discovered.

Healthcare Industry Index

Metrics derived from continuous monitoring of healthcare digital environments. This information is updated every 30 days.

CompanyDomainsNew Domains (%)Third-party Code (%)High-risk (%)Malware eventTotal CookiesCookies over 12 Months (%)Longest Cookie LifespanAverage JavaScript Download Size(MBs)
Benchmark9514%91%1%No17830%7,985 years0.74
Hospital 123722%96%2%No47636%20 years1.03
Hospital 211411%95%1%No17136%50 years0.54
Hospital 3720%89%3%No10527%30 years1.13
Hospital 49910%96%1%No18820%50 years0.83
Hospital 5617%84%0%No9141%10 years0.66
Hospital 619311%93%1%No67317%7985 years0.73
Hospital 7500%98%0%No9239%10 years0.49
Hospital 8877%91%0%No10639%20 years1.23
Hospital 9681%94%1%No10043%10 years1.05
Hospital 10816%91%1%No10444%7,985 years0.77
Hospital 115838%90%7%No3312%2 years0.66
Hospital 127846%90%3%No15430%5 years0.54
Hospital 1312110%92%1%No23733%7,985 years0.83
Hospital 14886%88%1%No10940%10 years0.71
Hospital 15786%91%3%No7937%10 years0.45
Hospital 16120%75%0%No911%1 year0.33
Hospital 177476%86%3%No18213%10 years0.69
Hospital 181167%93%0%No23432%7,985 years0.86
Hospital 19623%89%0%No10321%50 years0.69
Hospital 201578%97%3%No31031%19 years0.51

Key Learnings:

Healthcare providers collect, use and store countless amounts of personal data in the everyday course of operation. Yet, more than 70% of these organizations in the U.S. have experienced some kind of breach in the past year. Repeated ransomware attacks and data breaches highlight the need for better safeguards. On average, the U.S. Healthcare experienced:

  • 90% of executing domains are third-party 
  • 44% increase in executing domains since November
  • 3 hospitals with at least 2% risky domains, improved from October
  • 56% increase in domain variability, significant improvement since October
  • 80% of hospitals track users for 10 years or more

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