Digital Risks, discovered.

Healthcare Industry Index

Metrics derived from continuous monitoring of healthcare digital environments. This information is updated every 30 days.

CompanyVendorsDomainsNew Domains (%)Third-party Code (%)High-risk (%)Total CookiesCookies over 12 Months (%)Longest Cookie LifespanAggregate Load Time(Sec)Average JavaScript Download Size(MBs)
Benchmark508611%90%2%14329%7,984 years2.050.79
Hospital 111919422%94%4%37728%10 years1.770.59
Hospital 2811314%93%2%25637%50 years2.070.46
Hospital 338789%90%8%8623%30 years2.151.03
Hospital 47212015%95%2%21229%50 years2.560.74
Hospital 525524%85%0%7445%10 years1.650.65
Hospital 6901566%92%2%31925%30 years2.030.97
Hospital 730518%98%0%5937%10 years1.280.56
Hospital 851909%92%1%12440%20 years2.931.29
Hospital 9355618%93%2%7336%10 years1.841.11
Hospital 10518112%91%1%9245%7,985 years2.420.81
Hospital 11184018%88%0%3514%2 years0.630.83
Hospital 12235529%87%5%12122%2 years1.910.66
Hospital 13731113%90%21%22133%7,985 years2.161.18
Hospital 1449886%90%1%11940%10 years3.981.15
Hospital 15408010%93%1%8738%10 years2.220.48
Hospital 164100%70%0%100%1 year1.520.38
Hospital 1710190%74%0%6518%10 years0.690.55
Hospital 186310311%92%1%20931%7,985 years0.800.98
Hospital 19315922%88%3%9613%50 years5.150.65
Hospital 209313811%96%4%22031%10 years1.190.63

Key Learnings:

Healthcare providers collect, use and store countless amounts of personal data in the everyday course of operation. Yet, more than 70% of these organizations in the U.S. have experienced some kind of breach in the past year. Repeated ransomware attacks and data breaches highlight the need for better safeguards. On average, the U.S. Healthcare experienced:

  • 90% of executing domains are third-party 
  • 43% reduction in executing vendors compared to August
  • 11% domains are new this month, on average, a 50% increase since July
  • 2% domains are risky, the same domains month-over-month
  • 17 sites track users for at least 10 years, potentially affecting HIPAA requirements
  • Page load size getting heavier, on the path to June 2020 weight

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