European Media Publishers

Digital Risks, discovered.

EU Media Publisher Industry Index

Metrics derived from continuous monitoring of EU Media Publisher environments. This information is updated every 30 days.

CompanyDomainsNew Domains (%)Third-party Code (%)High-risk (%)Malware eventTotal CookiesCookies over 12 Months (%)Longest Cookie LifespanAverage JavaScript Download Size(MBs)
Benchmark15117%87%4%Yes17635%7,984 years0.51
Publisher 163229%91%2%Yes81539%100 years0.83
Publisher 216839%96%8%No11930%20 years0.39
Publisher 3480%82%0%No7031%980 years1.22
Publisher 418110%94%1%No38541%20 years0.64
Publisher 510912%87%3%No4524%17 years0.16
Publisher 621015%94%4%Yes30230%7984 years0.60
Publisher 74511%82%7%No1932%17 years0.29
Publisher 818230%90%5%No14733%20 years0.35
Publisher 919918%83%2%Yes16149%17 years0.47
Publisher 1021339%90%3%No20234%7,984 years0.41
Publisher 11307%73%3%No2528%2 years0.48
Publisher 121010%100%20%No1164%3 years0.11
Publisher 137712%84%1%No6728%52 years0.68
Publisher 1413910%87%1%No17035%17 years0.78
Publisher 154912%67%0%No2825%17 years0.80
Publisher 1610413%85%4%No5529%17 years0.39
Publisher 173511%86%9%No825%17 years0.29
Publisher 1821116%93%0%Yes37340%50 years0.34
Publisher 1919220%90%2%No24740%18 years0.50
Publisher 2017717%9.%2%No27543%17 years0.44

Key Learnings:

The promulgation of GDPR and several headline-making regulatory fines puts unprecedented pressure on media publishers, challenged to keep abreast of changing vendors in today’s dynamic programmatic environment. On average, the European Media Publishers sector experienced:

  • 88% of executing domains are third-party code
  • Large amounts of third-party code contribute to likelihood of malware event
  • month-over-month domain variability remains elevated
  • 70% of sites use cookies with lifespans of 10+ years
  • 4 media sites experienced at least 1 overt malware event
  • 0.58 MB average JavaScript download size continues decreasing trend

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