European Media Publishers

Digital Risks, discovered.

EU Media Publisher Industry Index

Metrics derived from continuous monitoring of EU Media Publisher environments. This information is updated every 30 days.

CompanyDomainsNew Domains (%)Third-party Code (%)High-risk (%)Malware eventTotal CookiesCookies over 12 Months (%)Longest Cookie LifespanAverage JavaScript Download Size(MBs)
Benchmark13524%88%3%Yes20334%7,984 years0.61
Publisher 127631%94%<1%Yes46948%100 years1.13
Publisher 215950%96%7%yES15035%29 years0.43
Publisher 3598%78%0%No8029%979 years1.83
Publisher 419615%94%1%Yes37342%16 years0.76
Publisher 59014%86%2%No3129%16 years0.28
Publisher 622075%95%3%No30837%20 years0.52
Publisher 73926%77%3%No10%0 years0.32
Publisher 824936%94%5%No27725%20 years0.42
Publisher 916519%86%2%Yes13455%16 years0.57
Publisher 1020730%93%2%Yes25845%7,984 years0.56
Publisher 113010%80%3%Yes2520%10 years0.89
Publisher 121817%83%11%No1354% 3 years0.13
Publisher 13767%86%3%No6531%52 years0.89
Publisher 1419744%92%1%No27742%16 years1.07
Publisher 153910%77%0%No1921%16 years0.13
Publisher 1611922%85%2%No7941%20 years0.48
Publisher 174115%80%5%No825%16 years0.32
Publisher 182057%95%<1%No35044%50 years0.37
Publisher 1917422%93%1%No27142%17 years0..07
Publisher 2014615%93%1%No86811%16 years0.38

Key Learnings:

The promulgation of GDPR and several headline-making regulatory fines puts unprecedented pressure on media publishers, challenged to keep abreast of changing vendors in today’s dynamic programmatic environment. On average, the European Media Publishers sector experienced:

  • 88% of executing domains are third-party code
  • Large amounts of third-party code contribute to likelihood of malware event
  • 2X increase in month-over-month domain variability since December 2020
  • 90% of sites use cookies with lifespans of 10+ years
  • 6 media sites experienced at least 1 overt malware event
  • 0.61MB average JavaScript download size continues decreasing trend

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