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Banking Industry Index

Metrics derived from continuous monitoring of banking digital environments. This information is updated every 30 days.

CompanyVendorsDomainsNew Domains (%)Third-party Code (%)High-risk (%)Total CookiesCookies over 12 Months (%)Longest Cookie LifespanAggregate Load Time(Sec)Average JavaScript Download Size(MBs)
Benchmark591017%90%1%20931%7985 years2.831.01
Bank 146895%87%1%24020%20 years2.210.62
Bank 256963%92%2%13739%10 years1.780.71
Bank 3541112%92%1%18736%5 years2.071.53
Bank 41121887%93%1%54222%30 years2.320.41
Bank 5478212%90%0%15129%7985 years4.461.28
Bank 6881173%94%0%26638%10 years4.390.89
Bank 725546%78%0%13320%10 years1.870.49
Bank 81071673%93%1%34239%10 years3.061.09
Bank 9225424%92%2%5725%61 years2.330.33
Bank 1048662%85%0%9848%19 years1.343.36
Bank 11428512%90%1%14231%5 years5.670.45

Key Learnings:

More than 75% of U.S. banking breaches are due to malware and hackers, so it’s no wonder that cyber is #1 industry threat. And with the advent of online banking, the industry calls for more oversight and control of the code that renders the consumer experience. On average, the U.S. Banking sector experienced:

  • 90% of executing domains are from third-party vendors
  • 59 avg vendors, lowest since December 2019
  • 1% high-risk domains, steady since June 2020 spike
  • 7% new domains this month, returning to more typical levels compared to August
  • 3 banks have 10% domain variability 
  • 7,985 cookie returns: it's one 1 site

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