Performance Integrity

How do you prevent 3rd party code from slowing my digital asset performance?

A 1-second delay in page response can drop conversions by 7%.

If you want to reach your revenue potential, every second counts. Customer expectations are higher than ever, which means that poor performance on your digital assets has a tangible effect on the bottom line.

Make sure third-party code doesn’t weigh down your digital properties

A fast site with the fewest distractions will lead to the best possible customer experience. The Media Trust pinpoints unexpected issues that negatively affect revenue. This means that customers aren’t getting sidetracked as they move along their journey, they can complete checkout without security or speed issues, and they can be confident that their private information is protected.

Maximize site performance

  • Identify code that can cause distractions and disrupt the user experience
  • Enforce compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements
  • Communicate and resolve violations with third-party code vendors
  • Benchmark performance against your competitive set

How it works

We continuously monitor all aspects of digital performance, in real-time, for
mobile apps and websites. Our scanning technology:

Scans of all code (1st and 3rd party) rendering content on a shopper device, including JPEG images, rich media (video and audio), native, and more

Leverages the largest digital neighborhood watch to communicate with existing and future partners. Improve compliance and resolve violations quickly and effectively.

Reports based on 1000+ profile combinations based on device, browser, operating system, geo-locations, and behavioral indicator