Customer Hijack: Magecart and Payment Fraud Attack Prevention

How do you protect against Magecart and payment fraud attacks?

5 Things We Know About Magecart/Credit Card Skimming Attacks

  1. Hard to detect: They affect both first party and third-party code. These attacks employ sophisticated obfuscation techniques to evade most malicious blocking solutions, making their detection challenging. In several high-profile breaches, Magecart was active on the site for up to 5 months before being detected.
  2. Continuously evolving threat: They continue to evolve in sophistication and reach. And like ever evolving malware, Magecart code continues to evolve to evade web application firewall detection, CSPs and on-page blocking.
  3. Expensive to remediate: They are costly to address. When you add up the regulatory fines, lost revenue, drop in stock price/shareholder value, digital forensics and breach management costs, personnel changes, and other costs, a Magecart breach can cost a company $150 million and more.
  4. Harmful to your business: They damage your brand, your reputation and your financial health. Beyond the headlines and the loss of customer confidence, Magecart breaches are a violation of your trusted relationship with your customers. They are a violation of YOU.
  5. Preventable: Magecart breaches are preventable.

Magecart Ends Here

  • Protect your digital footprint, including your mobile app and your website
  • Gain visibility into who interacts with your customer during a purchase or registration journey—the good, the bad, and the very ugly
  • Prevent your customers from being victims of payment fraud
  • Know who operates within your broader ecosystem, how they got there and what impact they have on your customer experience or your revenue
  • Avoid being violated. Avoid the stigma of a Magecart breach—brand damage, loss of customer confidence, regulatory fines, and lost revenue

Customer Hijacking? We've got it covered

From customer hijack to abandonment, e-commerce businesses need to safeguard the visitors to their sites. Discover the “Silent E-Commerce Sales Killer: Customer Journey Hijacking”   

How it works

We continuously monitor the end-to-end user experience, in real-time, for mobile apps and websites. Our solution identifies preventable security gaps throughout the customer purchase journey before they occur, and our SOC works with you through to resolution when they do. Requiring zero implementation resources—no downtime, no code integration—our scanning technology:

Emulates the customer browsing experience and purchase path through a combination of demographic profile, browser, device/OS combinations, and geo-targeting

Identifies the attack surface and potential attack vectors, including first and third-party activities (calls, cookies, JavaScript) and their impact to the customer journey

Provides 24/7/365 monitoring of your digital ecosystem from locations throughout the world, delivering instant notification upon threat detection and when new players are detected.