Digital Risks - Travel

Identifying, quantifying, and controlling 7 digital risks

That’s right, there are 7 crazy things that you’d never allow to happen at your restaurant that occur on restaurant websites and mobile apps. From payment fraud and slow response time to data theft and regulatory compliance violations, your digital attack surface is bigger and more dangerous than you think.

For restaurant websites, the Digital Risk Management report reveals:

  • 10% of executing code is owned by the restaurant
  • 9% month-over-month domain volatility
  • 2% of domains are considered high risk
  • 201 trackers are present during each visitor session

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Digital attack surface vulnerability

Mapping and controlling client-side executing code is critical to digital risk management.

  1. Identify all code: This includes known/contracted parties and any fourth and fifth parties (hint, it’s typically 3-5X larger than you expect)
  2. Assess volatility: Measure code changes or “domain drift” for insight into unwanted code and vulnerabilities
  3. Document data exfiltration: Verify consumer tracking activity conforms to your company data privacy requirements

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