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You Can’t See the #1 Threat To Your Digital Properties

Over the last six years, malware attacks and other security issues related to third-party code have increased 600%.

How much code is rendered on your users that isn’t controlled by you? More than you think.

Securing Third-Party Code: The Next Frontier in Shadow IT

  • Third-party code is code that adds functionality or content to your website that was not created or directly operated by your in-house team.
  • Analytics, templates, ads, videos, online chat, plugins, CRM management, and shopping cart tech are all examples of third party code.

Third-party code comprises anywhere from 50-95% executing code to render the user experience.

B2B Sites
Retail Sites
Media & Ad-Supported

Scans from Behind the Firewall Aren’t Enough

The web is more dynamic than ever, and what your users see is different based on geography, browser history, user profiles, business rules, and more. Each new instance of dynamically generated code for a single visitor’s session is a new attack surface. Regulations like GDPR, California’s CCPA and more hold brands responsible for data breaches. Recent fines have been $100M or more.

We Can Cast a Light on Your Shadow IT

The Media Trust does what you can’t: comprehensive scanning via client-side emulation. We capture how the variations in how your website’s code executes on customers. We

  • Detect what third-party code executes on your customers around the globe
  • Analyze for suspicious or unauthorized code
  • Identify data tracking activity (i.e. cookies) collecting data on your customers.
  • Gain insight into how third-party code impacts performance.

In 2019, The Media Trust:


1 billion+ web pages, over 10 million websites, from 100+ countries and 550+ cities


Tens of thousands of customer profiles


One malware attack every 30 seconds or less


600+ enterprise clients, online publishers, and their digital partners

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