Code You Can’t See Puts Your Organization At Risk

The dynamic experiences that your customers crave are powered by code your in-house teams didn’t create. Third-party code like ads, analytics, CRM platforms, customer recognition platforms, online chat, shopping carts, video platforms are useful, but if unmonitored can lead to:

  1. Redirects and ads that hijack your customer experience;
  2. Heavy JavaScript that slows down site performance;
  3. Cookies that leak data on your customers;
  4. Malware that puts the security of your users at risk;
  5. Calls to third-party domains that increase site latency.

Take this assessment to understand your level of digital risk and how you compare to industry leaders

1. Broadly, who does your organization serve?


2. How confident are you that you know how much third-party code executes on your customers?


3. Do you know exactly how many third-party domains are called through your digital properties?


4. Do you know how many third-party domains were added in the last 30 days?


5. Do you know how many third-party cookies with a life longer than 12 months are dropped on your site visitors?


6. Do you know the average JavaScript download size from all the third-party code called from your site?


7. How confident are you that you know all the domains and third-party code called on your shopping and payment pages?


8. How confident are you that your team can detect third-party JavaScript security issues based on site visitor profiles, browsing history, devices, and geography?


9. To view your assessment results, enter the following: