Good job. Based on your answers, you have some visibility into your digital ecosystem to identify potential security issues. Still, the third-party code you have in place could:

  • Violate data privacy regulations, i.e., GDPR, HIPAA, and the upcoming CCPA
  • Leak data on your end-users and their shopping preferences
  • Increase latency and cart abandonment rates
  • Expose your site users to malware

To be confident your brand and reputation are safe, The Media Trust can help you:

  • Gain significantly more visibility into the code that renders on their users based on their browser, geography, device, and other factors.
  • Identify any code, cookies, and files from legitimate vendors that may inadvertently put your end-users at risk and put an immediate stop to bad actors spreading infectious malware.
  • Understand the impact of third-party code on the performance of your website or mobile app, including speed and latency, which could have a negative effect on the user experience.

By scanning over 1 billion websites last year, we’ve found that 65 - 90% of the code on the typical enterprise-level website is provided by third parties. That’s a significant amount of code outside of a site owner’s control.