Digital Health Check – Revenue

We know how to protect your digital revenue.

We know:

  • All the third-party domains, including slowing your site speed.
  • Who’s dropping cookies to get data on your valuable customers.
  • Malware hurting your user experience.
  • How to contact your entire digital ecosystem to fix performance issues.

Consumer-facing websites deliver as much as 75% third-party code to render the end user experience. Last year, malicious third-party code and heavy third-party cookies were responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue through slowing site performance, abandoned shopping carts, and site outages. You can’t fix what you don’t see, and the majority of this code executes on individual browsers based on device, location, the customer profile, and browser history.

How can brands protect their revenue if they only scan owned and operated code from behind their firewalls?

The first step is to uncover third-party code and cookies on your site, with a free Digital Health Check by The Media Trust.

Your Digital Health Check will reveal:

  • Third-party code executing on your customers around the globe
  • Third-party cookies collecting data on your valuable customers

Our proprietary scanning technology uses 1000+ real-world profile combinations based on device, browser, operating system, geo-locations, and behavioral indicators to capture a true user experience in the wild. Request your Digital Health Check today.

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